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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/3/2013 22:23 (Entered as : 06/03/13 22:23)
Reported: 6/12/2013 8:30:25 PM 20:30
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: Oshawa (Canada), ON
Shape: Light
Duration:5 minutes
Three Low-Slow Bright White Single Lights

I still amazed today.

To report to you.

Exactly what HAD BEEN WITNESSED June 3, 2013, at about 10:23pm est.

These ' three ' separate UFO sightings Occurred here in southwestern Oshawa bordering Whitby, Ontario.

Total time on and off witnessing all three were between 10:23pm to 10:43 pm Here is my testimony as follows : While walking my dog down the park near the creek and mature trees I was looking up above a large tree to the southwest some hundred yards away Above the tree high in the sky - maybe a guess between 2000- 5000 ft.

I notice a bright slow moving white light coming over.

Instantly I grabbed my camera to film it.

As I film it and watch in awe It's now just slowly hooking north and even going slower.

It's movement had a slight jiggle to it Moved about under 'half the speed ' of a Cessna Then it just fades out and is now gone under one minute when first noticed.

Of course I just shake head and pick up the dog's leash and put my camera back in my pocket.

As I continued walking the dog for a about another minute I now see another one moving from the west overhead heading east Being so in shock observing this bright single white light I drop the dog leash again and pull out my camera and start filming the second one.

I watched it for about two to three minutes from the start to the end.

This single bright white light travelled directly over my home heading eastern Oshawa on a straight flightpath It moved too slow to be any type of conventional aircraft.

Talk about being shocked times two now.

So once again, I grabbed the dog's leash from the ground Put my camera in my pocket shaking my head once again in wonderment.

Continuing to walk the dog heading south across a road and into another park Then I now see a third one coming from the south - It started out quite bright as again I pull my camera to film.

Within about thirty seconds The intensity of the light starts to fade to aqua- blue light.

Then starts moving even slower and starts fading in intensity As I watched it travelling in the likeness a a star light - blue - white Still looking, now to be so much more 'higher ' in altitude heading north just west of my position.

The speed was very slow and had that jerking motion This was a first timer for me to witness three separate slow - low white ones at night here.

One really does wonder by thought and feelings what is about up there here.

Guess I found my answer and along with photographic evidence to share.

I have noticed these types since Summer 2009 at night.

They are out early June and in more numbers no doubt from my eyes.

Best time between 9:30pm to 11:30pm Summer /Fall Amazing enough I contacted a friend out of northern Whitby the next day He and his wife also witnessed and video taped the same type It has been posted on YOUTUBE He had captured excellent footage for visual detail on these slow anomalous white lights reported.

I will send all good still shots and one video clip to you in evidence.