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Occurred : 6/5/2013 05:30 (Entered as : 06/05/13 05:30)
Reported: 6/5/2013 1:26:05 PM 13:26
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: Lagrange, IN
Shape: Flash
Green flash like fireball object in the sky of LaGrange, Indiana

For one there wasnt a visible type of shape. just a flash or beam of light that was green. it zoomed across the sky like it was a falling star or something. it really freaked my sister and i out. she had been takin me to work when we had seen the flash of a green fallin star lookin thing in the sky. either a fireball or some odd occurrence happenin. i cant say wat it is or anything cause it was just an odd unexplainable could b like a fireball like appearance as well but a flash of light too. it happened just once thou. we r not crazy. i am 22 and she is 20. i work and was on my way to b dropped off at work at about five thirty this morning in LaGrange county Indiana. wish i could provide a picture or anything but it was just a sudden thing that happened. catching that on camera or video would most defintely have to b known and planned before it happened.