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Occurred : 9/30/2012 00:16 (Entered as : 09/30/12 0:16)
Reported: 6/2/2013 11:46:57 PM 23:46
Posted: 7/3/2013
Location: Chaska, MN
Shape: Fireball
Duration:3 minutes

We we're checking out some weird party in the area and found out that it was a massive ((offensive material deleted)) at even when invited by one of the people outside.

As we stood near the street away from the house party in the cul-de-sac the first to spot this... was the 2 people I was with. They immediately froze absolutely no words or movement was made by them while this was going on.

I almost was Frozen! But I fought it. The very first thing I saw was what appeared to be a firework above the tree level in all red-ish orange flares however these flares reversed direction and created this very large red-ish Mostly Orange Orb. It did not fly in a straight line. The glow was massive to the eye! I felt like it was going to abduct us and panic was setting in.

I did my very best to stay calm and focused and pulled my Cellphone 8G Camera up and ready and took the video But was unable to get it up in time for the beginning of the event.

Note: I asked the object to fly to my right... And it did.... I asked it to do this because I did not feel like inviting the object was a good idea at the time.

For a link to the Video please ask me at ((e-address deleted))