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Occurred : 10/22/2003 14:00 (Entered as : 10/22/2003 14:00)
Reported: 5/18/2013 3:17:38 AM 03:17
Posted: 6/2/2013
Location: Murrells Inlet, SC
Shape: Disk
Duration:30 minutes
A Huge Silver Disk was Hovering 300 ft. over our Pontoon 15 minutes while fishing near the jetties in the Atlantic Ocean!

I have sent this information to FAA, and was told to foward what I saw to this site, and to fill this form out for you.

On October 22,2003, my wife and I took some friends with us to go fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. We Put our Pontoon at the Marina in Murrells Inlet, S.C. It was a beautiful day. We headed out towards the jettie's near open water where we anchored the boat to fish. The only fish we caught that day was blow fish. When you pull them up out of the water because it was so funny how they would blow up, and we entertained ourselves when we caught them, we would tossed the blow fish to someone else, and the fish would let its air out. It sound like those gag gifts you sit on sounds like GAS, and we would through them back in the ocean. We did Not have so good of a fishing day, But we had a wonderful fall day on the ocean. We checked out other boats and homes out on the waterway.

Then It was around 2:00 PM and we were still trying to catch some fish! When I had a bright Flash of light hit me at the corner of my left eye, and at first I thought it was a Camera flash, but who would have a camera in broad daylight using a flash when the sun was so bright? But when I looked up to where the flash came from, it was the Sun bouncing off something, and I turned to my left, and It was ONE "huge silver disk!" It was just hovering there in the sky,as the sun was shinning on the Disk. It was "Tilted" there straight towards us. The Silver Disk was so low, it could not be more than 300 hundred foot off the water. I could see the swirls on the Silver Disk like it was polished! I told my wife to look up at that Hug Disk the sun bouncing off of. We could not believe how large It was, and we have seen many sightings out over the ocean, but never anything that low. It was Hovering just to the left of our Pontoon boat. With the sun on the disk, It was so bright, it was hard to look at it for long at a time, but yet it j! ust drawed you to look at it. We were in disbelief of such a l! arge Sil ver round disk and it was atleast 20 ft deep. The Silver Disk was to the South of us, and no more than a quarter of a mile from us, and tilted right down toward us in our boat like it was watching us. But there was no sound coming from it, or I would have heard It. I have never seen anything do what this Disk done so close to the water while it sit there tilted up for atleast 10 minutes. It was atleast a Hundred feet wide, if not more, and we did not know what to do. There were no markings, no windows that I could see. But it was only one big bright and shinny "Soild" Hug silver Round Disk. After it sit there for awhile, then It slowly turned up right to a level view, and it moved backwards away from us, but we could still see it. Then it moved back to the front of us like it was like focused on us. Should we leave, because we have heard people talk about being taken by some kind of a ship! Then it moved again, and it turned towards the North to North West, and the! disk vanished! I could not understand what it was doing here, or why this Disk seem to stay right with us. but we have seen a lot Large lights out over the ocean before, that I have in another Description. We never seen any other planes out there at that time in the sky. It was amazing that it would not have any sound from the size it. I knew that we had seen a real UFO! It was kinda like you had to keep your eyes on it, as if it was trying to tell us something, or watching us. But the more I thought about it, and there was no dought we had a large "Silver Disk", staying real close and I was concerned! What was it doing out here almost right on top of us, and I wish we knew what these things want, and why was it following us so close out in the ocean in Broad day light? We see most of the sightings at night, because of the lights. There were other boats in the ocean, and we never saw it go near them. It was strange, and alittle worrysome. I just wish we had a ca! mera, so I would have a picture to look at, but I will never f! orget wh at it looked like! I will keep a camera with us from now on! We did not catch any good fish that day, but I Did get Something Big, like I never saw before, It was a UFO Sightng! I am a Christian, and I know our God made the "Heavens & The Earth", but he also said there will be "Sights & Wonders", We are told that there are God's Angels, and the devils angels that are fighting all around us for our Souls! Our Bodies are all Earthly until we are saved by the Grace of God, and he fills us with his Holy Spirit, and that changes our bodies to "Spiritual", and we have God's Spirit always in our Heart & in our Soul & it's like a Arrmor of defense! But unsaved Souls are "Earthly"! God says that No "Earthly" Flesh & Blood shall enter the gates of Heaven. I know God made it all, but we still live in a Sinful world, and the Devil is always out in full force to make those that are not saved his. We are all Sinners, But the difference is ! Trusting in God, and having Faith Always in our Lord. If God be with us, then who can be against us? I am so Blessed to have God on my side, and Pray that others allow him into their hearts, so they will know true unconditional Love! I will draw something up as close as possible and send it US Mail ASAP! Thanks, God Bless,