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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/1/1993 17:30 (Entered as : 1993 17:30)
Reported: 4/11/2013 12:22:21 AM 00:22
Posted: 5/15/2013
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Shape: Cigar
Duration:15 minutes
Saw a UFO and spoke to a possible alien.

In the fall of 1993 I was working two jobs in order to support my son and myself.

My main job was with the Colorado State Police as an officer. I worked a second job at night.

This fall evening I was on my way to work from my home which was in Colorado Springs, Colorado and across the street from the Patty Jewett Golf Course.

Backing out of my driveway (my house was second from the corner of a tee intersection) and then moving forward the short distance to the stop sign at the tee intersection, I glanced across the 8th fairway to make sure there weren’t any wild golfers playing at the time. As I came to a stop and while looking across to the other side of the fairway, I saw a group of oaks that had been there for years. They stood about 40 feet high or so. Just above the group of trees I also saw what I thought were white landing lights such as on every FAA regulated plane that I know of. These lights were very low to the ground about 60-80 feet high. I realized that this plane was going to crash and probably into me or at least my block. I just sat there like a fool and watched the lights approach.

I also noticed that this plane was moving extremely slow and thought sure it would hit the group of trees on the far side of the 8th fairway.

Then it stopped. It just stopped in mid-air and stayed there for a couple of minutes. I then knew that this was not a regular plane. I backed up a few feet and parked my car to the curb and stepped out. I continued to look at the object as I walked across the street to the chain link fence that ran parallel with the 8th fairway. I leaned against the fence and continued to watch the object.

It suddenly dawned on me that there was no visible object, just the lights. I strained my eyes to make out some sort of shape to it but failed to make out the outline.

I looked around to see if anyone else was watching this thing but couldn’t see anyone. Nobody on the streets, no one on the course, just absolutely no one anywhere around. I also noticed that there was no breeze, no sound from any direction, no barking dogs, just absolute silence.

I looked back at the object as it began to move toward me again. It was only 40 or so feet off the ground and about 100 yards in front of me. Suddenly it rose above the group of oaks along the edge of the fairway and continued toward me. Once it cleared the trees it dropped back down close to the ground and just stopped. That’s when I saw the red and blue lights on the outside of the two white landing lights. I tried so hard to see some kind of shape but none prevailed. I could actually see the background and sky right through this, whatever it was.

It sat there for about 2 or 3 minutes and began to move sideways. The lights were still facing toward me but moving sideways. That’s when I saw the outline of the vehicle. It was cigar shaped with a red light at one end and a blue light at the other. The white landing lights were in the middle.

The only reason I could see the outline is because when it moved sideways I could see the jagged edges of the craft. (if you have ever seen the movie “Predator” with Arnold Schwarzenegger the only way they could see the alien was when he moved and they could see the jagged edges of his body) This is the way it was with this craft.

Being raised an Air Force brat and having lived on more air bases than I want to remember I can tell you now this was no ordinary air craft. It made no sound what so ever.

The craft moved sideways down the length of the fairway (south) until it reached another section of houses where it stopped, rose above the houses and vanished. I followed in my car until it was gone and then proceeded on to work.

That’s the first half of the story.

My night job was manager of an up-scale nightclub and restaurant.

I arrived at the club and entered through the front door. As you come into the club you find a very large raised horseshoe bar to your left and a raised dining area to the right. A 3 ft. wall separated the entry way from the dining area and the bar on either side.

As I came in one of my girls (cocktail waitress) approached to inform me of some issues I needed to attend to ASAP. As she spoke I looked toward the bar to find 3 or 4 customers sitting and having cocktails.

One man was sitting on a bar stool but was leaning back against the bar and staring at me.

As I continued to speak to my girl, this man continued to stare at me. At first I thought he was going to cause some sort of trouble so I kept a close eye on him as well.

After my girl left the man at the bar rose and came up to me. He asked if we could speak outside for a few minutes. I agreed and followed him outside half expecting to be in a fist fight or something. We stood in the middle of the sidewalk in front of the club and he asked me if I saw something funny on my way to work tonight. I asked him how he would know about anything funny I may or may not have seen.

This guy told me that they were checking up on me because I was one of the “special ones”. To this day I don’t know what he meant by that.

For twenty minutes he stood there and told me of my entire life from the time I was born to the present moment, reminding me of things I had long forgotten about or just kept secret from anyone else.

Then he asked me if I remembered the night (when I was a young boy playing on the floor of my parents’ house) that a red light beam came through the window of the living room, across the wall and floor and then disappear.

I told him I had no recollection of anything such event. He then pulled out a business card and handed it to me. As he did, I looked down at it as he placed it in my hand. I scanned it quickly and looked up to ask him something and he was gone. He was gone.

For years I kept this information from anyone in fear of being labeled some sort of crackpot and I didn’t want to lose my police position with the State.

In time I moved from Colorado to California. In June of 2002 my father died unexpectedly.

I returned to Colorado for his funeral and came back to California to my home. In November of 2002 I went back to my parents’ home in Colorado Springs to have Thanksgiving with my mother and other family members.

After dinner, we all sat around the table telling stories and jokes when I spoke up and said that I had a story to tell. There were about 20 family members there and they were all chuckling as I told the story of my strange event. When I got to the part about the red light coming through the window and across the wall and floor, my mother dropped her fork on the plate. Everyone stopped talking. It was absolute silent when she said that she remembered that like it was yesterday. She said that this red beam came through the picture window of the living room, ran across the wall down to the floor and across the floor to the opposite wall. She also said that dad got up out of his chair and went out on the front porch to see where the light was coming from but there wasn’t anything out front.

When mom got done telling her tale of the red light the laughter was gone. It continued to be silence for several minutes.

I don’t know whatever happened to that business card that guy gave me but I must have lost it during my move to California.