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Occurred : 2/28/2013 18:55 (Entered as : 2/28/13 18:55)
Reported: 3/1/2013 3:22:49 PM 15:22
Posted: 3/3/2013
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Shape: Light
Duration:~1 minutes
Mysterious bright colored lights, red and green, moving through the sky

At approximately five minutes to seven, p.m., I was in my bedroom watching television whens strange lights appeared in my peripheral vision, attracting my attention toward the otherwise darkened sky outside. Turning to the window, I observed a set of bright colored lights, red and green, moving slowly across the sky. They were an unusual color of red and green, like no lights I've ever seen in the sky before in all of my forty plus years.

These lights were constant, not flashing or blinking.

What I was seeing was obviously not a helicopter, plane or balloon. It was utterly strange both in its appearance and in its motions, which were unlike the motions of any conventional object seen in the skies. There were two light sources, one red and the other green, which were aligned horizontally to one another and which retained a constant spatial relation to one another as they moved across the sky.

I saw no actual object, just these two lights moving together in very close and fixed proximity to one another, as if they were emitted from the same object (if indeed there was an object).

Astonished and curious, I ran outside, not stopping to put on my shoes or coat. I stood in the snow wearing just my socks (I wanted a good look, and time was short). I ran outside because the lights were passing directly over my house and the window view would not have allowed me to watch the mysterious "object" (if these lights were emitted from an object).

I sensed something being emitted from this "object" which was not light, which was very mysterious, and which I do not know quite how to describe or explain. Perhaps I was feeling sub-audible sound waves, which my body could feel though I could not hear these waves? I had the strange thought that somehow this thing was aware of my observation of it, but I must admit that this is just a speculation. I have no actual evidence for this, and might have merely imagined this.

I felt as if I were affected mysteriously by the thing, but just how I cannot say. I felt something strange and perhaps impossible to describe. It affected my senses, especially my hearing, which seemed to be strangely diminished, as if some sort of sub-audible, low frequency sound were emitted from this "object."

The size of the apparently connected lights varied as the "object" moved across the sky. At maximum, at its nearest approach, would be contained by a two inch ring held at arm's length from my eyes.

At that moment when I had a feeling that the "object" were aware of my observation of it, it turned and reversed course, its flight behavior utterly unlike any object I've ever seen before; not fitting with helicopters or planes, etc. The "object" did not appear to emit sound audible to my hearing, as a plane or helicopter would have under similar conditions.

I told my partner (we live together) about this experience by phone, and we talked about it further when he returned home. As we sat together in our living room discussing it, I was facing a window. Then it appeared again! This was well over an hour later, but the time is uncertain. (I didn't look at the clock.) I pointed it out to my partner, who also saw this "object," but only through the window, and at greater distance than the closest proximity of my observation earlier that evening.

It was unusual enough an experience that I decided to use the internet to explore whether others have seen and reported this, perhaps in the news. I used search engines to explore this question, and this is how I came to discover this forum for posting such experiences.