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Occurred : 2/22/2013 19:10 (Entered as : 2/22/2013 19:10)
Reported: 2/22/2013 7:49:33 PM 19:49
Posted: 2/28/2013
Location: Beaumont/Cherry Valley, CA
Shape: Other
Driving home on the 10 fry near my home in Beaumont, first I saw what looked like an embryo lit up in bright red light fly by heading west, right after that I saw a octagon shaped ufo glide over ubove our cars to my left it was dark grey with white ligts.

I was looking up at it so I saw it's underside. Several cars saw it, slowing down, a couple of cars pulled over.

In less then a mi. I got off at my off ramp and pulled over. I wanted to get a picture, but my camera was at home. Plus I no longer could see it.

As I proceeded toward my neighborhood I saw what looked like a long strings of red light which would change to white lights, similar to what I had seen about 2 yrs ago with my friend.

I only wish I had a picture.

Maybe next time