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Occurred : 11/7/2012 19:45 (Entered as : 11/07/2012 19:45)
Reported: 11/8/2012 12:13:54 AM 00:13
Posted: 11/19/2012
Location: Wasilla - Susitna Delta, AK
Shape: Light
Duration:2 minutes
6 orange orbs hovering north east of Wasilla, Alaska and 1orange orb traveling west over Susitna river delta.

On the way home from work at approximately 1940-1945 hours, I observed six bright stationary orbs in the sky to the north/north east of Wasilla, Alaska, as I drove north on a dark rural paved road.  The objects appeared approximately three times the size of a planet such as Venus when seen in the dark night sky.  The lights were not directly overhead but rather part way up on the horizon.  Tonight the air was very cold and clear and all stars are visible clearly.  The air temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees with very low humidity.  The objects were orange in color and circular in shape.

I called a coworker who was.driving the same road in the same area and he said he was attempting to film the objects on his smart phone.

When I observed the lights/orbs, there appeared to be small red lights that would fall quickly off the objects traveling directly toward the ground in a straight line.  The red lights would dim and go out in 3 to 5 seconds time.  A description was like red hot slag that could be seen falling off a hotter orange main orb.  I observed this on the majority of six orbs but not on all of them.

At this time I noticed that nearly every vehicle on the two lane highway headed in the northerly direction had stopped and citizens were observing what I was.

At this time I noticed that no cars traveling south were stopping, only those traveling north.

Four of the objects were aligned in a nearly straight vertical line with nearly equal distance of spacing.  Two more of the orange orbs were slightly off to the east of the vertical four or to the right side as I headed north. Next, I turned off the highway onto a gravel road that headed west and parked my vehicle.  I turned off the vehicle and all lights I had on.  I exited the vehicle and looked to the north, I could no longer see the orange lights or orbs.  To the south west/ west I could see one orange orb traveling in a southwestward/westward direction.  I would estimate it was approximately 50 to 70 miles from my position and very high in altitude compared to normal flight patterns.  If I was to estimate, I would say it was at 70,000 feet or higher altitude moving at a slow yet constant velocity.  The rate of travel was approximately twice as fast as a normal satalite that you observe traveling in orbit across the night sky.

I called a coworker located 20 miles to the southwest of my position and the orb dimmed and disappeared a few seconds later before he could go out to observe it.  The whole event lasted less than two minutes from the time I observed it until the last orb disappeared from the cloudless sky unobstructed by mountains or  any other objects sans the stars.  When I exited my vehicle when it was turned off, there were no sounds.  No rotor noises, prop noises no jet engine turban sounds.  Whatever the orbs were they were silent as I observed them and at no time did I see any navigation strobes or red/green navigation lights.  I have no explanation for what I saw.  I have observed metopes, satellites , military night rocket launches, aerial search and illumination flares and many things but none of these were like what I observed tonight, November 7, 2012 to the north east and south/ southwest of Wasilla, Alaska.