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Occurred : 5/29/2009 16:30 (Entered as : 052909 16:30)
Reported: 10/6/2012 12:30:45 PM 12:30
Posted: 10/30/2012
Location: Victoria (Canada), BC
Shape: Disk
Duration:7-8 minutes
metallic saucer puts on a show in plain view, broad daylight in busy populated area.

My wife of twenty years is a total unbeliever. Today has changed that factor for the rest of her life .

Because I have had a previous experience I am a firm believer . What I saw in 77 changed my attitude for life . I have watched the sky diligently ever since . What I saw today was even more than I witnessed back then.

Whenever the wife and I are out, if I witness anything in the sky that is not immediately identifiable I say,
There's a ufo." It's just good clean fun and wishful thinking, until this afternoon at 4:45pm .

We are driving east on McKenzie avenue , a very busy street in Victoria bc Canada. Total clear sky . I spot an object directly in front of us fluttering in the sky , I say the usual comment .

It gets closer and we keep trying to figure out what it is . My first thought is a hi tec kite , she says "aluminum weather balloon.

It keeps getting closer , it is rather large , I would say it is within one mile and approx 1000 feet high .

It is a perfectly round disc . metallic , darker on one side with a red dome on the shiny titanium looking side . It fluttered and danced in all directions . It even turned totally sideways and looked as thin as a pancake with a red dome .

I told her at this point "you are witnessing a flying saucer " She does not argue . We watch it for approx 3-4 minutes . Yes , I was in shock myself even though I have always believed . All the time I am driving in four lane traffic . I almost rear ended a guy.

We were stopped at a red light , the guy next to me was not even looking at it . I wanted to say hey buddy can you tell me what I am looking at up there , I said nothing and just kept watching it .

It was the classic saucer , seamless , it floated effortlessly and did all kinds of zig zags .

We phoned radio and TV and no reports . I did notice some people on bikes pointing and watching . However , we are talking a very very busy road , four lanes of traffic , in a very busy part of the city. classic Eventually it turns north away from us , I actually thought of trying to follow it but I could see it was moving fairly steady , I did not try to chase after it . I already knew what I saw and it was as clear as my hand in front of my face.

No one will convince me that military has such an object . This was the same type of description I have heard of since the 50's. If an army had these we would probably be in a one world government situation.

It is a good thing the wife and I saw it together because It is unbelievable unless you see it , even if you are a believer as I have always been.

I can only imagine what the wife must be going through as she has been a total non believer all of her life.

I think they are getting us ready , to show up like that in such a populated area , bewildering and mind boggling . I think of all the nights I have spent checking the sky , then I am driveling through the city on the way to my moms for dinner , and the most spectacular , amazing event of my life happens .