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Occurred : 9/30/2012 00:30 (Entered as : 30/09/2012 00:30)
Reported: 10/1/2012 4:48:32 PM 16:48
Posted: 10/30/2012
Location: London (UK/England),
Shape: Circle
Duration:3-5 minutes
An amass of orangey-red dots in formation travelling across the night's sky.

In my original submission to UK UFO sightings I put the 29/9/2012 but as it was 12:30am it was actually the 30/9/2012. My apologies but the story is still the same.

Our house is located on the top of a hill in a residential area and our garden faces northeast London.

At about or around 12:30am my son was outside having a cigarette when he came rushing into the house demanding that my wife and myself come outside and see these lights in the sky. My wife got up went I reluctantly took my time. Apparently my wife along with my son witnessed dots in the horizon of the night sky that appeared to be multiple orangey-red dots in an imperfect triangle like shape. By the time I got to see where they were pointing; just above the roof tops between a gap in the distant houses the shape had changed formation. However the dots where still there spread out horizontally in a cluster that spanned across the rooftops of about four(4) or five(5) houses. Some of dots momentarily disappeared then reappeared as they moved eastward across the sky. Just before the first cluster disappeared altogether another formation was moving up in the background travell! ing in the same direction. Just as we've all in life joked about an alien invasion we found ourselves making the same jokes. However the formation looked impressive and purposeful. These specs of light did as I’ve read in other articles of other alleged sighting raise the apprehension of an alien armada travelling through the night sky. (I can\'t believe I\'m actually saying that but its the only rational thought that sprang to mind when we witnessed it) Astonished by what we were seeing. I ran in the house and went to the first floor window which overlooks the garden to see if I could see things any better and I could. I called out to my son in the garden through the window to come and take a look from my vantage point, he did. Shortly afterward my wife came to calling for our late teenage daughter to join us which she also did. From the window we all witnessed the cluster or orangey-red specs bobbing up and down slightly moving across the night sky in an eastward directi! on. An estimation of the first cluster of specs of light we s! aw was a bout twenty(20)

The second lot we saw was about 30-40. The following link shows a couple of images that is almost an exact duplicate of what we witnessed. If you look at the first image and consider it as attached to the second image that\'s what we all saw and watched for about two(2) - three(3) minutes. The biggest mistake was mine by announcing that I was going to jump in the car and head in the direction of he lights to try and get a better look. Everyone announced that they wanted to come too. Unfortunately as I stated we live on a hill and everywhere we went to try and see was below our house lever so we couldn't see up in the nights sky distance. By the time we did find a high vantage point there was nothing to be seen. We returned home and it was the same thing everything had gone. My son did try to video it on his iphone 4s but the specs were so small in the distant night sky it could not pick them up as the glare from the street lights at rooftop level obscured t! he specs. He deleted the video. Now I know everyone\'s first sceptical opinion going to be \'Chinese lanterns\' but in order for a Chinese lantern to be seen as a spec the size of the first image some 2-3 miles away with the naked eye it would have to be at least the size if not greater than an hot air balloon on fire not a candle. This is my honest account of what we saw on the night of the 29/09/2012 at about 12:30am make of it what you will but the story remains the same...we saw what we all saw. The image of multiple specs of orangey-red lights travelling eastward across the night sky before shortly disappearing with another cluster coming up behind them travelling in the same direction. And it looked exactly like the link images if you joined the first image with the second as a single photo. I\'m not asking anyone to believe me but I just wanted to say what we saw. View the link below/

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))