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Occurred : 6/25/2012 22:00 (Entered as : 6/25/2012 22:00)
Reported: 9/26/2012 7:29:59 AM 07:29
Posted: 10/30/2012
Location: Cotulla, TX
Shape: Light
Mysterious lights which seemed to have some circular movement from left to right and again right to left

Clear night and bright moon was the description of the night sky, a light above the town appeared when all of a sudden the solid light broke up into multiple lights going from left to right and again from right to left this happened (3) three separate times and was followed which looked like a blink of a light (like an aircraft) at night went from right and then continued to go left at an unusual speed too fast to keep track of with binoculars.

It was about (10) ten minutes later an employee asked what was going on as I described what went on, at that same time I saw a bright (red) light and and all of a sudden it happened again its like a trail of lights from (horizontal) left to right (3)three separate times at different areas top, bottom and to the left or something of that matter and again followed by this time (2) two aircraft lights which followed in the same direction and a few seconds later separated going different directions (the second encountered happened at a different location from a one a clock to a three o'clock position there were a total of five witnesses.