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Occurred : 9/22/2012 23:18 (Entered as : 09/22/12 23:18)
Reported: 9/22/2012 10:21:42 PM 22:21
Posted: 9/24/2012
Location: Austinburg, OH
Shape: Unknown
Eight to nine reddish-orange lights in night sky with seven stationary and two moving.

Wow! This is the first time I’ve seen something I can’t rationalize away. Having worked in banking in the past, I followed my training when it comes to robbery and applied it in this case. To remember as much detail as possible and keep it to yourself until you can report it to the proper individuals.

On this night I had to work overtime on second shift. I take the same route to and from home each time. I was traveling north on Route 45 and just past the intersection of Clay Street heading for Route 307 East, which is my turnoff.

I looked up and to my left and saw strange lights in the night sky. They were at a diagonal to my left in an NNE-SSW configuration. Seven, if I remember correctly. Three in a"“top" row in a fairly uniform line, three in a bottom row not as straight to each other, on one more not quite in the middle at the end of the two lines.

At first glance I knew they weren’t stars even though they appeared to be stationary.. Same general shape, but they were too close and had a reddish-orange tint to them. When I was almost perpendicular to them I’d estimate that a baby aspirin held at arm’s length would cover each individual light. These lights did not flicker or pulse though occasionally one would dim or pass from view for a second due to spotty rain cloud cover. They also did not look to be lights on one larger individual craft.

Since I was still driving I had to continually keep looking in front of me for oncoming traffic, etc. I’m pretty darn sure I wasn’t the only one to witness this event as both the minivan in front of me and oncoming traffic had slowed considerably. (Also, once we’d both turned left onto Route 307 East, the minivan pulled over into a parking lot and the driver appeared to be dialing a call while looking up at the lights.) Before that turn, I then noticed another light of the exact same type in the same diagonal path further south and to my right, and right of Route 45. But this one was moving! Then further behind it, yet another. They were on an intersect path with the stationary lights. I did not hear any sound, but that’s because I had the radio on and, unfortunately, the automatic window motors on my car died long ago so I couldn’t roll the windows down. Even so, if those had been military helicopters (which do fly over quite frequently) I’d have heard them. Nothing stealthy about the ones that fly over these parts and seven of them hovering in place would have woke the entire area.

What the heck I just saw…I don’t know, but a rational explanation I could believe in wouldn’t hurt my feelings any.