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Occurred : 9/11/2012 22:00 (Entered as : 9-11-2012 22:00)
Reported: 9/11/2012 10:48:29 PM 22:48
Posted: 9/24/2012
Location: Coulee Dam, WA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:all night
saw one Triangle and see "fireball Orbs" almost every night..

I have Seen Several UFO's in the Sky Starting in July till Today 9-11-12 On an occasion around the 3rd of July, Myself and My boyfriend were laying in our backyard watching the stars, I saw a very bright light bluish light, I told my boyfriend to look at what I was seeing, then he proceeded to look and recognized it was a bigger object than I was Seeing, there was two lower lights below it, making a shape of a triangle, to me it almost looked transparent as if it were trying to blend in with the sky, the lights were on the bottom of the craft that looked flat, the only way you could tell it was a triangle was the fact you could tell it had a light on the top of the craft but unable to see it but it illuminated the shape.

As we noticed it we laid there watching it for almost 2 hours, approx. 1hr and a Half. it was rotating slowly around and it seemed as if it were floating there, around 45 minutes after seeing it, it began to move slowly away, until all the lights dimmed out and as it just disappear, than 20 to 30 seconds later it seemed like the lights powered back up like a generator does when it turns lights back on, it began moving slowly away again until it reached another spot, and stayed there, this was around 12:30 am and lasted until we got tired and went inside because it just stayed there hovering, I think more like floating, it scared Me I thought we were being invaded because it just stayed there and it was so low in the sky, no sound. I’m not good with guessing on how high I thought it was but it appeared to be way lower than any plane in the air would fly, we live almost 3 blocks away from the Grand Coulee Dam, which is a no fly zone, so it definitely scared me seeing it so low! to the ground in a no fly zone, that was the first encounter I had seeing something, after that I purchased a pair of binoculars and have been constantly watching the sky since, We have seen objects that appear to be having orange lights strobing around it, they don’t go all the way around it they go right until it hits a spot and goes back around left, something the light switch ways and start going from left around till they hit a point and back to the right, they move straight up into the sky. Or will stay there in the same place move really fast to a different part in the sky I go inside and they stay there. I’ll wait an hour or 2 and come back and they will be gone. Nowhere in sight.

We have witnessed a lot of the "fireballs" going very fast in the sky, with no sound whatsoever, one night we saw a helicopter chasing one, and it was trying to get away from it, moving in a zig zag, going up and down. We had 6 people with us that night.

I can’t stop thinking about what these things can be, I’m freaked out about it so I finally search recent UFO sightings in WA state and found your page, and as I scrolled and read the sightings I finally feel like im not alone in this and what I’m seeing is real if they are sightings other places, I haven’t seen another triangle in the sky since the night I was saw one, That’s the one that scared me a lot, it was huge, I say it's the mother ship and maybe those fireball things are little aircrafts they take out and fly from it, whatever they are there's a lot of them.

I heard there were more crops circles found near Wilbur WA. and i live 26 miles from Wilbur , WA I went to the crop circles they found around the same area in 2009, until recently I heard there was more found, if it were a hoax, I don’t see people doing it in the same spot 2 times, that’s what gets me wondering..What are they? Who are they? And why around here?