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Occurred : 9/11/2012 02:00 (Entered as : 09/10/12 2:00)
Reported: 9/10/2012 9:27:07 PM 21:27
Posted: 9/24/2012
Location: Corpus Christi, TX
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 minutes
Four of us saw a pulsing white sphere in the sky in our backyard.

My husband and I as well as another couple noticed a strange object flying in the sky. We were all in our backyard talking and relaxing as we noticed the "star-like" object moving in the sky.

As we all  were keeping our eyes on it there was no sound. It looked as if it was an ordinary star in the sky. The night was clear and stars were visible. It was a sphere shape and pulsing white light emitted from it.

After the first few minutes the pulsing started to get brighter. Then it started to move getting higher in the atmosphere and leaving altogether. Almost shooting with great speed out into space.

It left us confused and baffled after witnessing this object's strange movements then leaving altogether without a sound. It only lasted for about 5 minutes.