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Occurred : 9/10/2012 02:00 (Entered as : sept 10 20 2:00)
Reported: 9/10/2012 7:00:23 AM 07:00
Posted: 9/24/2012
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:a couple of seconds
Saw what I believe to be some kind of a comet or craft

I couldn't sleep so I awoke and was looking up at the stars like I always do when I saw some kind of a craft go shooting through the sky. Since I live close to an airport and I see airplanes all the time I knew it wasn't an airplane because it made no noise and it moved too fast. Also it made absolutely no noise so I took out my cell phone camera because I was going to video it if I saw it again but it didn't. This may be nothing but the way it moved looked like it had some destination. My dad was an airforce pilot in the Canadian armed forces and when we were camping in Italy many years ago my mother told me he and she were sitting outside enjoying the night when they saw an actual ufo either crash or land and since my dad is a pilot he knew about airplanes. Keep in mind this was maybe 40 years ago so I have always believed in them. Anyway I would like to know if anyone else saw what I saw. I know what I saw was real!