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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/9/2012 20:00 (Entered as : 09/09/12 20:00)
Reported: 9/9/2012 8:09:47 PM 20:09
Posted: 9/24/2012
Location: Wilson, NC
Shape: Light
Duration:3 hours
bright orb being chased by a jet along with several other crafts after that. very bright like the sun.

This is a report of the craft I have seen flying over the area where I live. I started to see things more and more as I started to look up more and more. There are planes that fly above the house but I notice that there are a lot more things around than just a few planes flying over. Planes come from one area and keep on going in the same direction. I have not seen but a few planes during the day and night but whatever the other things are, they are not planes. Several times you will see a jet chase the other objects around the area and in circles until the object takes off and leaves the jet behind like its nothing at all. A lot of times the other objects look like bright orbs that float in air. They set in a spot for a few hours then slowly move to another area. They pass one another like playing chick but they stop side by side and then take back off again. They come together in a circle then break off in different directions and fly out of s! ight then return a little later to do it again. Any time a plane passes by they follow it for awhile then drop back to where they were setting at to begin with. Some look like a flying star but brighter, much brighter. There is a area back in the woods that are large sand pits where they lower down below the tree line and come back up several hours later. I have been back their but get a sick feeling when I do and hair stands up on my arms. I will not go back there anymore. They seem to be more and more over time and on clear nights.

I have a lot of other objects with red and white flashing light that fly around the area a lot but they are much slower and normal just fly out of sight then return to the other direction hours later. I caught one on my camera during the evening and it looks like a flying star but with a jet chaseing it. I mean the jets are so close to the tree tops when chaseing these things that you see leaves fly up and the tree tops lay over. The bright orbs like to stay over the several sand pits we have in the area. They fly in circles over them a few minutes before either lowering down or moveing to the next one. One other the other red and white lighted crafts did the same and we know it lowered all the way to the ground because it left a stream of smoke like a jet from the ground up when it landed and took off. But this was different from the bright orbs. Several times the bright orbs seem to come from every direction and that’s when they all come together in a circle and s! et for a few minutes. Some times for a hour or so before backing up to form a triangle. Once they form a triangle they look to be connected to one another as they start to spin in a circle as a triangle. They spin around in a circle and slowly move in another direction. When this happens it is like a stopping point for all of the other crafts. Each one comes from another direction to meet up with the brighter one that formed the triangle and after meeting them it returns to another area to do it again. I can see anywhere from 10 to 30 in one night some times. I saw several in just a hour. I burn large piles of tree limbs and they seem to come out from everywhere when that happens. My mother is scared to the point where she will not go outside at night. When you see 8 or 9 flying lights over your head just setting there not moveing to much it is weard. I just need to find out what they are. Some look to be a sphere with lots of light from red to a white strop to even a green! lazer light. But I have called several airports and they said! that th ey have no where near that many planes in the air at night. I have seen about 4 land in the fields and sand pits in the area. It lights up the woods like the sun itself.