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Occurred : 8/13/2012 15:00 (Entered as : 08/13/12 15:00)
Reported: 8/27/2012 5:48:17 AM 05:48
Posted: 9/24/2012
Location: San Antonio, TX
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:15 minutes
Two black rectangular objects rotating in a consistent straight line heading West.

Put sunglasses on and walked outside, looked up and noticed a chemtrail style halo among the clouds. As I stared for a few seconds, in the path of my focus was a black rectangle which was moving straight West. The object maintained a steady rotation. It never changed direction or speed as I could not take my eyes off of it.

I have 20/20 vision and I eyeballed that object until it was so far West, it was no longer visible. As I composed myself to keep it together, I looked up at the sky again and WOW! Another exact duplicate black rotating rectangular object following the direct path and speed consistency as the first. As high up as the two objects were, I would estimate about a mile high, they were approximately 15-20 feet in length and thin. Solid black and awesome.

I have only been fascinated by my lucid dreams of flying or having fun in the dreamworld prior to the two objects I witnessed. I am amazed at the thin blue lines before sleep that evolve into symmetric patterns only to be introduced to a diamond grid which is made apparent by the unseen force behind it. A presence or Some "thing" is swooshing cursive-like gleaming, sparkling, glowing, shimmering communication. Hard to believe is not my concern, I simply do not understand exactly.

I also have had a black triangle become apparent in my presleep light show. I am used to the star cluster normal activity when the eyelids are closed. But just a few days ago, I was messing around with concentration and the ultra violet or purple clusters opened up in the center and formed a black triangle. THEN, a star or spark appeared in the exact center. Wow, then I see those two black rectangles in the sky?? I have NEVER messed with acid or mushrooms. Been weird forever it seems.