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Occurred : 6/27/2012
Reported: 8/27/2012 1:11:44 AM 01:11
Posted: 9/24/2012
Location: Nampa, ID
Three UFO's into one very low to ground above my house

UFO Over My House

In late June 2012 about a week before the fourth (sic) my friend yelled for me to come outside. There was obvious panic in her voice so I rushed down the stairs to see what was wrong. Not knowing I would forever lose my skepticism.

I hurried downstairs and out to the west facing front of my home. My friend was on step up to her vehicle and pointing southward and her mom was standing in the middle of my yard dumbfounded as I was about to be.

Streaking up from the south were three various colored orbs some distance part and bounding over themselves. A group of dolphins racing ahead of a boat is best possible description I could use to describe the incredible orbs. I have never been so exillerated and frightened in my life. And never did my flight or fight instinct kick in harder then that moment.

The three orbs varied in color from white,to blue, to green, and a pinkish red. They had a subtle pulse as they flew.

It occurred to my that arming myself was dumb and so was running so I took out my iphone and began to shoot video. As I was getting phone out from pocket the three orbs seemed to morph into a single shape. The entire time spinning in a barrel style roll. The lights from the orb even elongated like a water balloon stretching. Then they slowed down and began to hover in a non-standard almost wish-washy way.

I got my phone on then and I'll let the video I will attach say the rest.

Please note I do mention a helicopter about 2 minutes into video and I was referring to the chopper that is almost always in the sky by the highway near my home. And my friend was on phone to husband as she explained what we were seeing. He suggested many things but none were possibilities and my comment referred to there conversation as well.

Also the best part is in the last 30 seconds of video