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Occurred : 7/23/2012 21:42 (Entered as : 07/23/12 21:42)
Reported: 8/26/2012 6:32:49 PM 18:32
Posted: 9/24/2012
Location: Loretto (Canada), ON
Shape: Sphere
Duration:15-20 minute
white and blue spheres hovering and then darting across the sky.

My friend and I were sitting on my deck when we noticced glowing spheres alternating between white and blue coming over ther horizon (tree line behind my house to the east). They were darting very fast over the sky and then would sit and hover for a while before taking off again and disappearing over my house (came form east, disappeared into the west sky).

Some of them seemed to be on their own and others seemed as though they were connected and moving together. The ones that were in groups consisted of one larger sphere and two smaller spheres following behind it.

This lasted for approximately 20 minutes. We tried desperately to get them on video but they were too high up for our cameras on our phones to get a visual. All we have is audio of us while this was going on.