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Occurred : 6/29/2012 22:33 (Entered as : 06/29/12 22:33)
Reported: 6/30/2012 1:25:27 AM 01:25
Posted: 7/4/2012
Location: Seattle, WA
Shape: Light
Duration:4 minutes
I saw about 8-9 red-orange lights hover over the Eastside of Seattle and change formations from triangles and lines before disappearing

UFO Sighting Friday June 29, 2012 at 22:33-22:37 Seattle, WA – Looking to the East from Lake Union towards Lake Washington/ Bellevue/Kirkland area Ok, so I was standing with a friend on their balcony overlooking Lake Union to the East with a 180° view of Seattle from southern University of Washington campus to the North East of downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill. It was about 22:33pm on Friday June 29,2012 and while we were talking I was looking at the view and I looked at my friend (who had his back to the view in the east) for about 4sec, when I looked back up behind him I had seen that three red/orange lights (about twice the size and brightness of the star cluster of Sirius on a clear winter night) were sitting in a large equilateral triangular formation over (what looked like from northern Capitol Hill to the junction of I-5 and SR-520 East). As we watched (which the whole duration of the event was over a period of approximately 4min) the triangle started to move slowly to the north an upwards (from my perspective it would be approximately 1mph). As the triangle formation of red/orange lights moved, another light ! of the same color (red/orange), size, and brightness appeared about 450meters up and 300 meters to the north of the triangle appeared.

Then the light began to slowly move north at around 5mph (from my perspective) and a greater speed to the east towards Kirkland before slowly fading out. As this occurred, four lights of the same original intensity and color as the initial triangle (which at this point was still in formation) of lights began to appear from behind Capitol Hill to the east and appeared in a straight line, one after, another (and these moved up quickly (from my perspective 10-15mph) before slowing to a stop) in a perfectly straight line (which would bisect the lower southern corner of the triangular formations roughly 45° angle if drawn through the four new lights, connecting to the bottom , southern corner light, and through the equilateral triangle itself). As the four new lights were appearing, the triangular formation began to form into a line perpendicular with the horizon. What was the top light of the triangle began to move into the original spot of the light which hovered about the fir! st triangular formation before disappearing. This light then moved in the same direction and speed as the light before it had before slowly disappearing in the north, but mainly east (east towards Houghton and as far north as the University of Washington campus). The new four lights that had come up in a line to the bottom, southern corner of the triangular formation began to move upwards at approximately (from my perspective about 5mph). As these lights moved upwards, the top ones would take the spot of the others before it and would hover in a single spot before moving slightly north to the east and slowly fade away.

The last four lights had moved upwards and the first four had pretty much disappeared in the distance by now (It was about 22:36) when the first of the four new lights moved into the upper position to the north east. The three lights below it then went into a small equilateral triangle formation (within approximately less than 100meters of each other). These three lights then moved into another formation forming a perpendicular line with the horizon before gradually moving up and to the north east before fading away.

I feel crazy writing this, I believe in UFOs but my friend doesn’t but neither of us is sure what we saw. We watch airplanes (both commercial and military) helicopters come in for landing and move across the city skyline every night but never have we seen anything like this. The lights did not blink like airplane lights would and they were more orange than red. But they weren’t to be mistaken with airplane headlights either. Airplane headlights are a white/yellow light and accompanied with the green, red, and white wing and taillights. I have never seen any aircrafts fly like this and make these formations and possess these lights. Airplanes which are able to hover in the way which these lights/possible crafts did are extremely loud and can be heard from miles away. There was no sound accompanying these lights in the sky. I know what I saw, I can’t explain what it was but I don’t think it was normal. I hope my descriptions of my sighting can be understood and can help. By th! e time we really believed that this was for sure an unusual sighting and set up the camera to take a photo, the lights had faded too much in order to get a quality photo of them. I called the National Weather Service here in Seattle and they reported that the winds were coming in from the south at the time and area of the sighting.