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Occurred : 6/29/2012 22:59 (Entered as : 06/29/12 22:59)
Reported: 6/29/2012 11:41:17 PM 23:41
Posted: 7/4/2012
Location: Jordan, MN
Shape: Light
Jordan, MN two orange globes

My neighbors and I were sitting at our bonfire when I noticed a bright orange light come into view. It flew over our heads as we were all staring up at it my neighbor yells out here comes another one it flew in the first ones exact path. Both were silent and the only noise we heard was the fan from my air in the house and crackle of the bonfire. They were flying at a much slower pace than an airplane. I could tell they were rather close to the ground but could not judge an aproximate distance. The globes seemed to be about the size of a soccer ball from our distance though. They were headed southwest, they took a slight curve to the west about a mile after passing over us. Both than stopped and hovered in location once they had gotten what seemed to me about five to ten miles away. The one in lead was on the bottom right and started to sway left and right and than moved upwards towards the tailing light as they got closer the lead than faded out. The tail li! ght than hovered for around another fifteen seconds until it faded out as well. My neighbor tried to capture video of it and her phone died seconds after pointing it towards the globes. Her battery was fully charged and has never had problems with phone battery in past.