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Occurred : 5/14/1999 00:00 (Entered as : 05/14/99 0:00)
Reported: 6/29/2012 11:11:48 PM 23:11
Posted: 7/4/2012
Location: Dixon, IL
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 mintues
It was a black triangle,around light on each corner that didn`t glow out,it took all the noise out of the air when it went over head

I had just gotten off work,it was a friday night.I was leaving the building. I had a rider that had ran ahead to the car,I yelled to him, however I couldn`t hear my own voice.It was as if I was in a tunnel and the sound didn`t carry,I noticed that the sound of the plant I worked went quiet also and that was a noisey place.I looked up and saw something like I had never saw before.It was a black trangle,it was huge,it couldn`t have been more than forty feet off the ground,I`m guessing it was two hundred yards across,the same to the point of the craft at each corner was a round light that didn`t a peer to be shing out.It was as if the light was dull,no glow,I don`t know how else to describe it.It slowly moved over head with no noise and deading all the other noises around.I yelled at the others around me but no one could hear me.As the craft passed I saw what looked like squares,or big windows at the rear of the craft but they were all dark.I wait for a noise b! ut there wasn`t any.As soon as it had passed all the factory noises and the guys yelling came back,I could hear the car engines running,horns honking,everything.I ran to my car to try and follow it,I thought with it going as slow as it was I could catch it show my rider.Truth is I wanted to find out what it was I saw.As I left the building and got on the main street I went up a hill and when I was on top there was nothing,it had gone,it couldn`t have been more than a mintue.