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Occurred : 6/27/2012 22:04 (Entered as : 06/27/12 22:04)
Reported: 6/27/2012 8:16:33 PM 20:16
Posted: 7/4/2012
Location: Brunswick, OH
Shape: Sphere
Duration:2-3 min.
Bright and orange, sphere-like object, that appeared to increase in size but froze for 2min, then faded and eventually disappeared.

I came to a stop on a residential side-street around the corner from my house, behind another car with two people inside. Noticed bright sphere orange with a bright yellow center, almost as if a plane, or even a helicopter started to ignite into a fireball. It slowly became larger, although it seemed to get closer in distance rather then thinking it was increasing in size, but it doubled it's shape and visibility. It reached it's highest point in the sky and the ball stood still, lasting 2 minutes, glowing very bright similar to fire. This object had no internal movement and froze at the time that I witnessed this, while taking 3 fast pictures with my cell phone camera. It appeard to dim down a touch after those couple of minutes and somewhat looked as it was in motion straight backwards in the direction it arrived from. Viosible in Northwest corner of the sky very close from my location. I arrived home in 1 minute prior to witnessing, yelled out of the car ! window to my father to look, as we watched it fade into literally nothing at all.