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Occurred : 6/17/2012 21:00 (Entered as : 06/17/12 21:00)
Reported: 6/26/2012 10:28:41 PM 22:28
Posted: 7/4/2012
Location: Ocala (driving up I-75, location not exactly known), FL
Shape: Light
Duration:30 seconds
Bright red light moving in a straight path across the sky, and suddenly vaporizing into thin air.

I was driving North on I-75 in the Ocala FL area, although the precise location is not known beyond this. It was approximately 9pm, and it has just gotten dark. There was no cloud cover, so both stars and other planes could be seen in the sky quite clearly. This object appeared as a bright red light, fairly large and round compared to any other flying craft I have ever seen. It moved in a straight forward motion without flashing any lights. It seemed to be traveling faster than any plane or jet I have ever seen, but did not have any similarity to a shooting star, and it was not going down or up. These unique attributes caught my eye, but the real surprise was when the object suddenly vaporized into thin air. Again, there were no clouds in the sky, so it was quite surprising to see this bright object suddenly disappear with no trailing off or fading into the distance.

This is the only time I could say that I have witnessed what appeared to be a UFO. There was no other significance to this event, at least nothing that was apparent to me.