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Occurred : 6/25/2012 01:35 (Entered as : 06/25/12 1:35)
Reported: 6/25/2012 8:48:15 AM 08:48
Posted: 7/4/2012
Location: Umeå (Sweden),
Shape: Disk
UFO sighting Sweden Umeå

Hello I am a 32 year old male from Sweden and i am sorry for my bad English/typos.

I have seen a UFO 2 times now in my life. I am sure nobody will believe my story, but i have to tell it anyway. I do not care about getting famous or gaining anything from this. People have to know what i saw. NO i do not use drugs,i was not drunk, and i normally don´t belive in ghost ,UFOs or God(even if my mother is a priest). I have to see things before i belive in it.

First time i saw a UFO was when i was 15 years old and was walking home around 22:00 pm. I started to feel that it was strange that no street lights was on,no cars,no people, no lights in the windows, even the Gas station was dark.

Normally at this time here in Umeå the area is full of life. but not tonight..i was totally alone, it was like time itself stopt, or i walked into some sort of twilight zone. I cant realy explain it any better. I look up into the sky and i saw this Disk come down from the sky(it was not in a straight line) more like it made a turn towards me and then it came down lower and lower towards me and then hovering ontop of me. If i had a snowball in my hand i would be able to throw it at the UFO, thats how close to it i was. i just stood there looking at it like i was frozen or something.. i was not scared or anything but i could not move. it had lights under it and it did not make any sound what so ever. All i can say is that it was deffinitly NOT made by humans, the technology is way past anything we could dream about. it was gray/black/silver color. And someone was sitting inside it. I am not sure what they did but they returned exactly the same way they came down from..exactly! the same path down and up, the same curve. it had soft acceleration in beginning a few hundred meters and then it jumped lightspeed or something into the sky and dissapered. I have no idea if they abdukted me or something but i have had a strange electric place in my neck were dust seem to be drawn to. and for some reason i always BIP when i go thrue airport security and they cant understand why..and no i did not tell them about a crazy UFO story...because then they would not let me on the plane..thinking i am a crazy person.

The 2:e disk was seen this morning at around 01:35 am in the same city but different part of the city. I was out walking home from a friends house (10 min from my apartment) and i feel a pain in my neck, i see this BIG UFO above me, same theme,shape,color,lights,no sound. same feeling of time lights on outside, no lights on inside apartments or houses. no people ,no cars.

Then i see the UFO fly away again. i have no memory of abduktion or getting beamed up or down or anything like that. why is this hapening to me? Today i feel strange, i am so hott in temperature, i dont feel sick, its ..something else. yes its a hot sommerday outside but i am still super hott after a cold shower. i have ice cube bags on me and temperature is 40 C. And dust seem to fly towards my neck. i think some shit is in there also. like a metall tiny thing.

I cant stop thinking ..its like my head is filled with stuff/thoughts i cant controll, it keeps repeting over and over. its like a message that saying there is a war amongst the alien races and we happen to be in the middle of it or close to the front lines or something like that. But we humans are no threat to anyone because of our low technology. i guess they see us as a bunch of retarded children busy blowing each other up.

I dont do drugs and i never have, i am not drunk, i am a normal guy. i am not crazy but i feel i am about to go crazy soon.

I would like people to know this story, i would like to be x-rayed and checked for metall stuff, i would like to be hypnotized to remember everything i saw, and yes i am ok with getting hocked up to a lie detektor. I am telling the truth here. ! I have to stop typing now because i am burning up. !