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Occurred : 6/20/2012 22:20 (Entered as : 06/20/2012 22:20)
Reported: 6/20/2012 7:35:10 PM 19:35
Posted: 7/4/2012
Location: Tonawanda, NY
Shape: Fireball
Duration:90 seconds
Orange fireball seen in Tonawanda NY

We were sitting outside on the front patio, when someone looked up and said "What is that?" and we all looked up to see this bright orange fireball travelling very quickly across the sky.

The fireball did not lose altitude or speed as it flew across the sky. We were able to see it until it traveled out of sight. A few of us insist the object seemed to simply vanish while some of us think it flew beyond distance of our sight. It appeared to gain some altitude as it went along. There was no sound we could hear, and there was no diminishing of the color or brightness, and no apparent trail behind it.

It was flying lower than a plane would, and we live fairly close to the airport.