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Occurred : 6/11/2012 21:29 (Entered as : 06/11/12 21:29)
Reported: 6/13/2012 1:29:59 PM 13:29
Posted: 6/14/2012
Location: Yerevan (Armenia),
Duration:6-7 minues
At least two objects, possibly emitting light in UV range, are captured by camera in night sky over Yerevan, Armenia

Late in the evening of June 11 my son took photos of night Yerevan from a hill. When he then transferred the photos from camera to computer, he noticed that camera captured something in the sky that he did not notice when taking the photos. On two of the photographs this “thing” looks like a “falling star”. On other two photographs (taken after the first ones) the object seems to be closer, its shape is unclear, probably the object itself is not visible, but it has a bright blue “tale” of conic form, reminding exhaust flame of a missile" When I examined the full-size photos, I discovered that there is a second object in the upper middle part of the photos – its blue “tail” is visible. The orientation of the two are different. Then, near the first (bright) object, a small blue stripe may be distinguished (marked by an arrow on enlarged fragments of the photos), indicating that probably there is a third object farther away.

The pictures have been taken with 1-2 minutes intervals between them. The exact times are: 21:29, 21:30, 21:31, 21:33, 21:34, 21:34, 21:35, 21:37, Yerevan time (UTC/GMT +4 hours). The photos are taken with long exposition time (10 s for the first two shots and 5 s for the rest), without a tripod (that is why some of them are quite blurred). The camera is Panasonic Lumix DMC-Z50. I have made some processing of the enlarged fragment with the second (farther) object (Curve adjustment in Photoshop) to make the object more distinguishable. However, if you look at the screen in a dark room, the object is visible without any adjustment on a full-size photo (this is how I discovered it).

You can see some yellow-white bright spots that are above the city, but these are of no interest - there is a high mountain behind the city (mount Ararat), and these are the lights of settlements on the mountain.

Another thing which is very important, is that when my son was staking the photos of the city, he did not notice the objects. He noticed the objects only when he was looking at the photos afterwards. Either he was too busy with making the photographs of buildings, or... the objects were hardly visible for a human eye! (not so bright to catch the attention). The second assumption is supported also by the fact that there were many people at the spot, who also did not notice the objects. Initially this seemed very strange to me, but then I made some search and found, that modern digital cameras are sensitive to UV light, and they catch it as blue (this is the case also with Lumix DMC-Z50 - that is why it is recommended to use a UV-filter when shooting outdoors in sunny weather, otherwise the images will have blue haze). So, from all these I assume, that the blue "tails" of the objects we see on the photos were indeed in UV range, and were invisible, or almost invisibl! e, for humans. It is the camera properties, perhaps, together with long exposition time and high intensity of UV radiation from the objects, that made it possible to see the blue "tails" on the photos.

Later on I found another UFO report that supports this assumption: (a blue moving spot appeared on the photos of the sky but was not visible to photographer).

And, since the objects were not observed "in real time", we, unfortunately, cannot say anything about their trajectory, when and where from exactly they appeared (though this can be guessed from the first photos, where the object is smaller and(?) farther), and when and, most importantly, how they disappeared.

If there would be only one object, then I would probably be sure that this is a kind of rocket or missile or jet plane, but, in my opinion, the fact that there are more than one objects (with different orientations) makes this unlikely. For the same reason (the presence of the second object), it is, in my opinion, unlikely that this is a kind "light reflection" (from what and how?), as many people told me. Next, the presence of air wave (I am not sure that "air wave" is the correct term though) in front of the object (if we assume that the blue part is the "tail"), which is visible probably because of heating (or ionization?) of the air, suggests that the object moves in the atmosphere with high speed. But, from the other hand, we see it almost in the same position in the sky on the two photos taken approximately at one minute interval. This can be, in my opinion, if the object is very far from the observer. And hence, it (they) should be huge i! n size.

((NUFORC Note: Lens flares, we believe. PD))