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Occurred : 3/17/2012 13:00 (Entered as : 03/17/12)
Reported: 4/14/2012 10:06:01 PM 22:06
Posted: 5/13/2012
Location: Detroit, MI
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:10 min.
I saw a hollow, cylinder shapped object the color of a bubble, or rainbow, hovering and spinning above a bush.

Between noon and 2:00 p.m. on March 17, 2012, I went outside to get something from my son's car and noticed smoke that seemed to be streaming from a bush in the front yard on the East Side of the house that is directly across the street from my house. There are two bushes in the front yard of the house. One on the East side. One on the West Side. The entire yard is surrounded by a fence.

The smoke traveled four to five feet from the bush to the rear of an SUV which is about eight feet from the fence that surrounds the house and the bush. First I thought the bush was on fire but I didn't smell smoke, so I just felt some mischevous guys were hiding behind the bush smoking, or trying to break in the house.

I walked across the street to the bush but no one was there, just smoke, with no smell, which was strange. The bush was opened and the stems seemed old. Because I had never seen them open like that in the fourteen years I lived here, which was also strange, I hurredly walked back to my house and stood on the steps and remained there because I was a little puzzled by all this. The smoke disappeared.

Suddenly a lot of little flies or knats like the ones that gather in the middle of air appeared over the bush that the smoke seemed to be coming out the bottom. Then a cylinder looking thing, not of this world appeared from no where on top of the bush and started spinning at a high rate of speed. It was the color of a rainbow, translucent, with no top, or bottom (hollow inside). It was the size of the middle of a wooden wine barrell.

After the translucent, bubble like, bubble colored, rainbow colored cylinder hovered and spun over the bush about a minute or two, smoke started coming out of the center of the cylinder, seemingly from the middle of the bush. Strangely, the birds and pheasants eating grass seeds in the lot adjacent to the house appeared unscathed and did not fly away. The bush did not burn, the smoke did not smell like smoke, or fire.

Next, several of the little flies appeared on top of the bush on the West side of the house. The cylinder started to sail to the bush on the West. The knats were still flying over the bush on the East where the cylinder was at first, but half of them seemed to be gone. When the cylinder reached the bush on the West side of the house it hovered on top, still spinning at an out of this world speed. Smoke came out of the middle of that bush which was not smoking at first, and did not burn. It hovered there a couple minutes (the cylinder like thing). Next the cylinder floated up, spinning all the time, to about the height of the light post in front of the house. Smoke then flowed from the bush on the West, through the center of the cylinder. In an instant, the bubble thing disappeared. Next the smoke dissipated.

My girlfriend called about this time. I told her what I saw. She asked if it was on my property. I said no. She asked if I looked down in the bushes. I said no, and told her she should come over to look down in the bushes.

I told her that I noticed several (about ten) thin, translucent lines, like spider webs, the same rainbow color of the bubble like cyliner, in front of my house. The web like strings were in mid air and extended straight, from the West to the East in about 20 feet from the no parking sign by my house to nowhere. They were affected a little by the wind, but strangely, just floated straight across in a parallel line without falling. The spider web things did not appear to be attached to the cylinder- bubble, but also, were not of anything I've ever seen on Earth, or could imagine. They were the identical color. I probably walked through them when I went across the street but the did not break, or fall.

My girlfriend said run in the house, slam the door, and pull down the shades. For some reason I was not scared but I did go in the house, close the door, and close the blinds. I peeked outside and saw the smoke again on the ground by the bushes but I had seen enough and do not know if anything else happened because about this time I began to feel a little leary and would not go, or look outside.

Another strange thing happened. The next day when my girlfriend came over to see. She asked if I ever looked in the bushes. I told her the bushes did not go anywhere for her to go look. Even though she wasn't going to look inside the bushes, the strangest thing happened. When we looked across the street at the bushes, the bushes had closed all the way up, and were full, like they normally are. The way they were opened when the cylinder appeared, it would be impossible for the bushes to close back to normal in one day, or a year.

I told a couple other people and asked a couple farmers if fruit flies made these type of cylinders. Then, I stopped becausethe people I told, and the farmers did not seem to believe I had seen something like that. However,I turned on the radio late one night. Coast to Coast was on. The UFO man was a guest and left his number. I called him and he said he didn't want to hear my story, I had to write it down. I didn't write it down because what I saw did not appear to be a UFO.

Today I googled UFO and read some of the sightings. One of them was identical to what I saw. For this reason I have written this story. Perhaps it can help others.