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Occurred : 3/27/2012 21:45 (Entered as : 03/27/12 21:45)
Reported: 3/29/2012 8:37:11 PM 20:37
Posted: 5/13/2012
Location: Lillington, NC
Shape: Formation
Duration:5-10 minutes +
3 red and white blinking lights stationary in sky

On Tuesday night, I was in the passenger seat of my boyfriend’s car driving from Angier towards Lillington. Taking a back road towards 421. In the sky barely above the tree lines, we saw lights. They were in 3 groupings of 2 forming a spread out triangle. The pairs were made up of a red light and a white light; the red light would blink then the white. The 3 groups were synchronized. I thought it was radio towers but they were too low and when we traveled back on Thursday, they were gone. We thought it might be helicopters but the lights were not moving AT ALL! They stood in place the entire time we were driving down the side road, 5 – 10 minutes and were there when we turned away. Also, the lights were to close for it to be 3 helicopters hovering next to each other but to far apart for it to be one helicopter. If it was one craft then it was huge! And I do not know of any floating airplanes. We were totally freaked out and could not for the life of us figure out what it was.