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Occurred : 3/22/2012 22:00 (Entered as : 03/22/12 22:00)
Reported: 3/23/2012 3:38:52 PM 15:38
Posted: 5/13/2012
Location: Spokane, WA
Shape: Egg
Duration:20 minutes
Bright glowing white orb, morphing into cylindrical shape and then back to orb hovering for 20- 30 minutes

At approx. 10 p.m., as I closed the window blinds in my kitchen, I noticed a bright object in the northwestern sky, about the magnitude of Venus, maybe a but brighter. As an amateur astronomer, I knew it could not be Venus as she had set at least two hours prior. The object did not move at all, just hovering in the distance. I took a look with my high powered binoculars and as I did, it appeared to be a bright glowing white orb which then morphed into a cigar shape and back to an orb. After about 20-30 minutes it simply disappeared into thin air!!!