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Occurred : 3/16/2012 20:00 (Entered as : 03/16/12 20:00)
Reported: 3/17/2012 2:08:36 AM 02:08
Posted: 5/13/2012
Location: Mesa/Tempe, AZ
Shape: Unknown
I saw two red blinking lights, one higher and on a slant, an occasional green light, an occasional blue light, moved in all directions.

My friend and I were driving from Mesa, AZ back to Tempe, AZ. My buddy (who is driving, I am in the front seat) randomly notices some strange lights in the sky on the left side in relation to where the car was. When I turned to look what I saw at first was two red blinking lights; one was higher than the other and on a slant from the other as well. We kept driving for a minute and observing the lights. Then we start to notice that at first the lights were moving right, and now all of a sudden they were moving left. At first we thought we were just seeing things, but then at this point the lights were actually close enough to perfectly determine that the object was traveling LEFT RIGHT UP and DOWN. We are still driving, and this is only about 2 minutes into the sighting (or at least when my friend first realized it)...and now another GREEN light is being omitted. The green light was only on very briefly as the other two red lights continued to blink. ! Now my friend and I were 100 percent convinced and immediately pulled the car over to attempt a shot at getting a better video. Now we are about 10 minutes into the sighting. When we observed the two blinking red lights from the sidewalk of the street it was clearly evident that the object was moving in all directions as if it was hovering or was in-decisive of where it wanted to go. This is where my mind was completely blown...there was now a BLUE light as well, which only appeared for a short time just like the green light did earlier. The two red lights constantly blink'd and seemed to fly in sync with one another although as I mentioned earlier, one was higher and on a slant from the other. Another note that I'd like to make is that when the other colored lights such as the GREEN and BLUE appeared for their brief moment, a WHITE light was also somewhat evident but not as radiant as the colored lights. Unfortunately our best video was actually taken in the car whil! e driving, as the lights moved further and further away. It w! as weird When we were driving it seemed like they were so close to us, and like I said earlier, after little observation...we were like "that fucking thing is hovering. It keeps flying right, then left." Once we decided to pull over, the lights just got further and further. We attempted to hop back in the car and chase it for a few minutes until we realized it was a hopeless cause. Both my friend and I felt though that when it did begin to start moving away quickly, it would make incredible travel time between the blinks of the two red lights. My friend has the video on his phone. I'll upload it to youtube as UFO sighting in AZ when I get a chance, or when he does. Hope you enjoyed what we saw and my description. I have to say I've seem some questionable lights in the sky before such as weird blinking white lights, but never anything like what we saw today. After today, I'm convinced.