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Occurred : 3/9/2012 23:15 (Entered as : 03/09/12 23:15)
Reported: 3/10/2012 9:26:02 PM 21:26
Posted: 3/13/2012
Location: Bloomington, IL
Shape: Chevron
Duration:30-45 seconds
A V shaped craft with about 6 lights on each "wing" above Bloomington IL.

Last night I let my dog out in the back yard and earlier in the night I had seen Venus and Jupiter.   I was looking to see if I could still see them but they had set by this point.  When I looked up to the south west away from my house I saw a V shaped object flying from left to right (south to north).  It was a flying V of orangish dim lights with the point of the V being the front.  There were about 6 lights on each "wing" of the V.  The individual lights looked strange and more of a halo than a normal light having a dimmer center and brighter ring around the center of each light.  I watched the object for about 30 seconds and tried to pull my phone out and take a picture but was not able to get one, probably because it was too dim.  Within a few seconds of this the object moved behind some trees and I lost track of it behind the bare branches. I live close to the Bloomington IL airport and am used to hearing and seeing planes.  

This was not like anything I have ever seen before and it was completely silent.  I did have the thought that it may be multiple planes flying in formation, but the lights did not look like lights I've ever seen on a plane before.   In addition to that, it would have been about a dozen planes flying in a perfect V formation which does not seem likely.  It was not moving across the sky very fast so it was either low and slow, or at a pretty high altitude.  If this object was moving the speed of a normal jet and at about the same altitude as them then it was much larger than any passenger plane.  I have no idea what this thing was.  The only thing I've ever seen before this that looked anything like it was from a Discovery tv show about UFOs.  I'm not exactly convinced it was some alien spaceship, but I do know it wasn't something we normally see flying around.