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Occurred : 3/3/2012 20:42 (Entered as : 03/03/2012 20:42)
Reported: 3/3/2012 10:33:06 PM 22:33
Posted: 3/13/2012
Location: Sacramento, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:10 min. ?
Moving blue light in night sky in Sacramento, CA. Unusual color. March 3, 2012

Seen in Western Sky or WNW sky over Sacramento, California on March 3d, 2012 at approximately 8:42 PM for about 10 minutes by two people (Husband age 63 and wife, slightly younger) Appeared as a blue light in the sky that seemed more purple/blue to the husband, more blue to wife. Have pics. Some red was see by husband and wife but only a little and a little white light seen by wife who has better eyesight. No lights were flashing. Appeared to be moving fairly low in sky, not flashing and fading in and almost out. There MAY have been another fainter, light color light in sky with blue light. hard to say. Cam shows a light but it is possible it was a low in the sky planet or star (shown in one pic) Viewed from Dealynn St. address just South of Hurley in general direction of Sacramento Metro Airport. No air traffic appeared from this direction although it is a common a busy route for large, commercial aircraft coming from Metro Airport.

Photos were taken with a Sanyo E1090 digital camera on a night setting using full telephoto (which is both optical and electronic with a 3X optical zoom. Camera set at 12 megapixels. The pic don't seem to capture the almost UV (filtered I guess, purple quality of the light which just seem only blue to wife) Husband wears glasses for nearsightedness. 14 photos taken, a few showed nothing, some showed bright blue wavy lines (as if camera was unsteady and "took it's time to record image) Partial moon nearly directly over head approx. 10 min after observation.

There was one or more helicopters in sky shortly after seeing light, seemingly unrelated and most likely police helicopter () One was using bright lamp to illuminate ground. Helicopter lights were traffic light green, white, and red with flashing with noise. Copter was orbiting to south of residence and later one or same north, possibly going to another site or back to base.

Male observer sees a lot of air traffic from location, mostly large airliners coming toward residence from Metro Airport and somewhat to North. The other common air traffic sources are police and possible traffic helicopters which are very common in area. Small airplanes not common in this area. Facing East at this location (front of building, there is some air traffic from a different airport to the North. Often large Coast Guard aircraft and some corporate aircraft. (Large former airbase is to North) The blue color of the light is what stood out mostly as well as fact that it seemed to linger.