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Occurred : 6/10/1981 14:00 (Entered as : 6-10-81 14:00)
Reported: 1/23/2012 1:58:58 PM 13:58
Posted: 1/24/2012
Location: Camp Pendelton, CA
Duration:30 minutes
UFO observed in Camp Pendelton,California-1981

Finally, I have wanted to tell my story for years. While in the U.S.M.C. our platoon was out in the field doing our "grunt" training when a fellow Marine shouted out"What the --ck is that"? He pointed to the sky where our Marine pilots just happened to be doing their bomb dropping training missions on the near by mountains out in Camp Pendelton,California.Now remember,we are out in the middle of nowhere with NO power lines,wires or any thing else that could be blamed for what at least the five surrounding Marines & I saw.(Hell,the whole company could have seen it for all I know.We were pretty scattered about).Any way, I looked up & saw what I will describes as an "Orb".This is during the day.It was circular & glowing red in color.The more I stared at it I could tell that it was kinda hovering.It seemed to be checking out our jets as they were doing their runs.I could tell how big it was because as I was checking it out one of our jets flew by & this "Orb" blotted out part of the air craft.It was Solid!I would say it's size was about half the length of the jet.These pilots had to of seen this but you know how that goes.Maybe one of them will see my story & fill in the blanks if he feels secure enough now to do so.Any way,I had to get back to my duties & a short time later I just had to keep looking at it.After a minute or two,from a dead stop hovering in the air,it took off leaving a red trail in the sky.Over the years I have thought how to explain how fast it took off.It basically disappeared except for the red trail it left which did not last long.How fast?If this object was going to fly around this planet we call Earth & I counted to 60, it would have been back!There are other witnesses & those who know me know that I am NOT full of crap & do NOT need to make this up.This was 30 years ago & with my military training & seeing most of what the military had to offer back then it blew me away & still does to this day!Thank You fo! r letting me tell MY story & to ALL the military personnel fro! m ALL br anches & especially my fellow Marines-SEMPER FI!