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Occurred : 12/2/2011 22:20 (Entered as : 12/02/2011 22:20)
Reported: 12/2/2011 9:30:31 PM 21:30
Posted: 12/12/2011
Location: East Dorset, VT
Shape: Light
Duration:3-4 minutes
A Dec 2, 2011, So. Vermont pm sighting of a VERY bright, solid, slow moving, silent. light, that appeared 2 stop and changed direction.

I am located in Southern Vt, 30 north from the Mass boarder, and 15 minutes east of the New York boarder. While resting on our bed this evening, a light in a West facing window caught my attention as "out of the ordinary". I got out of bed, as did my VERY level headed, boyfriend to watch it. Within a moment or two, perplexed, we both headed down stairs, and outside to try and see "it" more clearly and get a better understanding of what we were viewing. The light appeared to remain consistent for the duration of our observation of it. It was a Strong, Bright, Solid (not blinking, pulsating or flashing), Orange light that cast 8-10 brigth rays. It is a relatively dark evening, and there is a color in the pm sky (a steel dark dark grey black) that, along with the lack of any other objects, (ie stars, planets, satelittes, other flying objects) makes me think that there must be some cloud cover. If there is cloud cover, this light appeared to be below the clou! ds. It moved from west to east, steadily at first, and...well not quickly. For most of the viewing there was nothing but silence. Silence to the point of having mentioned it at the time to the person I was with. While we watched it, the silent moving light traveled from the east side of our house, to above our fields. While this occured it was completely silent. It then seemed to stop moving. Our eyes no longer needed to track it. After what I would guess was maybe 10 seconds, it appeared to start moving again, but instead of moving in a consistently straight path (as it had looked to be doing), it appeared as thought it was going to return back from the direction in which it came. It then, appeared to stop again. And when the movement resumed it was once again heading in the direction of New Hampshire.. The light remained BRIGHT orange with no fluctuation in its solidity, or cast rays, throughout the sighting, and only appeared to change size as it disappeared over the! mountains. We sit on 30 acres of fields, and have a funamenal! view of the sky. LOTS of sky...big, wide, open, sky. As our sighting began to reach its conclusion, this light, for the first time, went from being consistently one size, to steadily reducing in appearence. Its departure seemed to happen more quickly than any movement prior. Keep in mind it is dark, and therefor any specifics about its appearence are non existent. It was well toward our east when, as the light "shrunk" we heard a distant sound that reminded us of what a jet again would sound like. THAT one factor left the gentleman with whom I was with, to say (slowly, and as if he was trying to convince himself) "um , well, must be a plane...that noise...." and with a befuddled look, he slowly turned and headed back inside and upstairs. I dont NOT know what we saw. But I do know it was not an airplane. It was NOT anything I have seen prior to this evening. It was NOT anything I will expect to see again. Lights on planes blink. One can hear planes traveling overhead, and not ju! st when they appear to be at their furthest distance from you of the entire sighting. Planes (especially planes with no airports around) are not seen with one solid Bright orange light, void of any other lights. And planes do not stop, and with very little appearence of turning, change direction. This was very personal. If I am the only person to call THIS light a complete, and utterly unexplainable annomily, so be it. This was a DEFINING event for me. One that I suspect I will remember every detail of, while renting this body.