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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/1/1976 02:00 (Entered as : 1976 2:00 AM)
Reported: 10/26/2011 11:38:34 AM 11:38
Posted: 12/12/2011
Location: Howell, MI
Shape: Unknown
Duration:approx 1 hr
Saw unexplained objects and beings

I awakened around 2 am to a light I could see through the window curtains in my bedroom and did not pay much attention to it. I was a light sleeper at the time because I had a 3 yr old daughter. Thinking I needed to go to the bathroom and then check on all three of my daughters, I got up and did this. About the same time I kept hearing a reedy voice (?) telling me not to look out the windows or turn on any lights.

I decided to walk down the hall to my living room to look out the door window from across the room (I had sheers on that window and could look out without disturbing anything)I then saw a light traveling down my road in front of my home. It did not seem to have anything solid to it and was about the size of a beach ball. It was swinging to and fro from one side of the street to the other. I then ran back to the bedroom and awakened my husband to make sure I was not dreaming. I explained quickly to him what was going on and he followed me back down ! the hall.

When we reached the end of the hall where the living room, dining room and kitchen opened up he listened to me tell of the words that I had heard earlier. He didn't believe me right away when I told him we were not to look out the windows, turn on any lights of try to use the phone because all would be useless. Well..he immediately tried the lights, none of the available switches worked so he went to the bottom of the stairs to the basement and switched all the circuit breakers off and then on and still nothing worked. Three streets over we could see a porch light or two on.

He came back upstairs in the darkness and went to the phone and said he was going to call the police or electric company because he felt so uneasy. The phone was dead. Now back in those days the phone did not run on electricity but on the phone line itself and would work when there was no electricity. Then I told him about the light going down the street and also what I had seen out the side w! indow in our bedroom when I first got up.

We had a small, deep lake at the north end of our road about an eighth of a mile from us called Earl Lake and I had seen something there hovering above the lake with a ramp of steps going from the lake up to a craft of some sort, it seemed so large that I could not make out its size or shape from where I stood in the bedroom. I did see, however, some sort of beings carrying what looked like sacks upon their backs going from the waters of the lake up the ramp and into the craft. They were strange looking, dressed in dark coverings that came just below their bottoms with hoods on their heads. There was light coming from the opening of the craft and below what appeared to be one end of the craft just over the edge of the lake. They looked to be about 4ft tall and very stocky with strong looking legs. I could not see their faces because of the hoods. Off to the side at the bottom was what seemed to be a very thin, tall being I could not see very well as it was standing away f! rom the brightest lights.

After my husband tried the lights and the phone he became very uneasy and both of us sat down in the hall out of sight of and windows. After approximately an hour I once again heard the voice and was told to resume what I wished and that all would be alright. When we looked out the door window and the north bedroom window facing the lake, we saw nothing. All was back to normal, the lights and the phone were now working. There was never a repeat.

After this had all ended , my husband and I agreed to just not say anything to anyone because we thought someone would think we were crazy. I am now 70 yrs old and have never forgotten this incident. I still remember it very clearly. I had always had the ability to see visions and hear certain faint voices from the time I had been a very little girl. I never talked about it because when I was young I thought everyone had the same ability. When a teenager and young woman I had told my mom and she said not to advertise it because others would think something was wrong with me. As I said, I had certain things come to me but not of this magnitude. I did tell my husband after we were married and was able to prove to him through certain instances that I could see visions and sometimes sense things in the future, although I did not try to cultivate this ability. So when this particular instance happened I needed a witness because it was different from any other circumstance I had experienced in the past. It so frightened me that I prayed to have my abilities taken from me. I tried for years to suppress it but even at this time in my life I still see things but am freer telling others about what I see. (But not often).

In summary: I tried for years to find someone else that had seen beings like the ones I had seen but didn't know how to proceed in researching any of it. There is more background and instances in my life but I hesitate to talk about them to too many people. When I listened to George Noory on the evening of Oct 25th I heard the request for people like me to report what I had seen. Since I am now 70 yrs and this happened when I was 35yrs old. I thought someone else should know.