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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/22/2010 23:00 (Entered as : 1/22/10 23:00)
Reported: 10/25/2011 11:57:20 PM 23:57
Posted: 12/12/2011
Location: Spring, TX
Shape: Sphere
Duration:40 min
This is a true story, told just as it happened.

One night (Approximately January 15th, 2010, at 8:30 PM) while taking my 19 year old daughter to Best Buy to purchase a video game, we drove down Spring Creek drive from our home in our sub division, through the forest which is a deserted park, due to it being in the flood zone and had been abandoned years ago. We saw (in clear view) a large red sphere sitting on an abandoned road in the forest as we passed by the entrance to the road, which had been blocked off by the county to prevent cars or campers from entering.

As we passed by, I looked down the road and saw the craft a few hundred feet from the entrance. I slowed down to give my daughter a chance to view the craft with me and we were convinced it was a UFO sitting on the road. It was a solid red sphere, larger than a car or truck and made no sound or movement and emitted a reddish glow.

Due to the necessity to get to Best Buy before closing hours, we continued on and simply had a laugh at the thought of actually seeing a UFO in our forest.

Then soon after on Friday night, January 22, 2010 at 11:10 pm, my wife and I watched what appeared to be the same large reddish, glowing colored sphere descend into the woods directly in front of our home from our front porch at about a tenth of a mile from our home. We first spotted it through the front window in our den, while we were watching T.V. by accident. We ran outside to the front porch to get a closer view and watched it as it descended, taking about a minute to get to the ground.

At first sighting it was about 80 feet in the air, just above the tops of the trees already in its decent. We watched carefully looking for any signs that it could be identified as an Earthly object. It made no sound at all and proved to be something we’ve never seen before. It was very stable in its control.

It was sphere shape at approx. 12 or 15 feet wide and made no noise as it carefully descended very slowly, between tree branches towards the ground, until it could no longer be seen behind the shrubs. It had no flashing lights or created any wind or disturbance of any kind. It did have a small flickering flame at the top that went away during its decent.

I grabbed my flashlight and called my daughter to pile into the car, for a closer look, and drove around the corner to get to the road that ran next to the location it came down at. My wife stayed behind in fear of making contact with visitors.

This forest area is an area of low level marsh land. No power is present. The trees are tall Pines, Oak, and other hard woods with tall Yaupon growth at ground level. There is a stream that runs through the center of the property usually filled with the songs of thousands of frogs but at this time, they were silent! The weather was cool with overcast and a cloud cover ceiling of about 10,000 feet. It was very calm.

On the first pass, from our car, we were looking for the reddish glowing object that was first seen in the air. We drove to the end of the road, watching into the woods but not seeing anything. I made the block and retraced the area for a second time, driving slowly and shinning my flashlight into the forest. Then we noticed a single white light deep in the forest, near the location from where the craft came down, approx. 30 yards from the edge of the road in the forest. It was a light, much like a light emitting from a bulb of about 60 watts but was too deep in the woods to make out its shape or intent. It looked as though it was sitting on the ground. We watched the light for about five minutes with no movement, either around it or near it.

Then we slowly moved forward, shining our flashlight into the forest edge, when we noticed the outline of a curved, grayish colored, metal craft nestled behind the dense yaupon shrubbery which was about ten feet high. It emitted no light or sound. We could barely see only part of the round side as the craft was hidden behind the foliage, and we were NOT going in for a closer look! We continued to drive forward approximately another hundred and fifty feet when my flashlight caught the reflection of two very large eyes watching us through the shrubs in the forest edge, set back about 25 feet from the road. I stopped the car, rolled down the window, and shone the flashlight into its eyes and watched as it watched us for about the next several minutes.

We noticed that the eyes were about 8 inches apart and glistened like two very large white diamonds in the reflection from my flashlight. They were about seven feet from the ground. Later observation revealed there were no objects in that area in which someone or something could have been standing on, such as a fallen tree. We could not see the body shape as it was very dark with no back light and whatever it was remained hidden behind the Yaupon shrubs. It never blinked or turn away for a moment and made no sound or movement but continued to watch us very closely as we discussed the details of what we were seeing.

We ruled out the possibility of it being a deer, or any animals of any type that would be common in the area, and being that we watched the landing of a UFO and sighted the craft just yards away from where it was, it was determined that we were looking into the eyes of an alien visitor. The eyes were forward facing and twinkled as they moved to view us. The iris of the eyes was large, about the size of a quarter and glistened like diamonds in my spotlight and reflected bright white in color. We turned on the car's interior dome light and waved a couple of times to let him know we were just curious and meant no harm. We felt like he must have been alone and came to that specific area for samples of something for testing, maybe bugs from the forest floor? That could explain the light in the woods, to attract insects.

We felt like he moved away from his space craft, as we got closer to it and he didn’t wish to be noticed by humans in the event we got out looking over his ship. Maybe he just didn’t want to frighten us or was afraid himself! We felt he was rather curious by our presence, maybe even a bit frightened that we had accidently caught him landing and he wished to be left alone, so he stayed hidden. However, taking the opportunity to observe a human family in our Earth bound, “wheeled” car, checking him out as we stayed calm.

I could feel our presence becoming un-wanted as the minuets passed by as he was probably anxious to get out of there before other showed up, maybe not so peaceful and we were taking up too much of his time. As we stared into those large glowing eyes for as long as we did, for some unknown reason, we turned off the flashlight and drove out of the neighborhood and away from the area for quite a distance, discussing the sight of the craft coming down and what a beautiful, majestic sight it was. Only to realize we were driving for no reason away from such a monumental moment in our lives! We turned around and returned to the area only to find that he had departed, light, craft, eyes and all.

We believe he sent us subliminal messages to leave him alone so he could pack up and get on his way without being detected any further. I felt the effect of confusion the next few days and found it difficult to focus my thoughts. It was an odd feeling during the sighting, but once you actually see a landing and the occupants of an alien craft, it feels very natural and like it should be left alone as it must only be our neighbors tending to their business in a natural way, and we really don’t have any place hanging about or getting in their way.

It was a satisfying experience. It’s nice to think he is telling his story to his friends and family, in some faraway place, of the nice human family that stopped by for a brief visit while he was on his mission.

About four days later at approx. 8.00 PM, I watched a saucer shape object moving slowly over the same patch of forest with a single, dim red pulsating light on the top at its center. The light was pulsating very slowly, much less than lights on towers or aircraft and it never completely went out between flashes. The top of the saucer was lit up bright white while the bottom of the craft was dark. There was a single beam of white light shining out of the bottom of the craft shinning downward in a cone shape, very bright but was odd in the fact that it did not shine all the way to the ground. In other words it shown down about twenty five feet then came to a clean stop in midair. I watched it until the trees hid it from view. It too made no sound.

Update: Exactly one year later. On the anniversary date (2-22-11) of the Alien encounter, my daughter and I saw the return of what looked like the same red sphere near our neighborhood at 8:45 PM in the sky. It just appeared in clear skies as we were driving north bound on I-45 approaching the Spring exit, when a bright twinkling object appeared in the sky about six hundred feet off the ground next to the freeway in front of us.

It appeared to have white, twinkling flames coming from its bottom moving upward over the round craft. It sparkled like a star and was moving southwards towards us at a slow speed. When we spotted it, it was completely covered with the white flames then it "suddenly" changed directions and its flames began to subside. It began to pick up speed, now moving north bound next to the freeway. My daughter reached for her phone and videoed it. We pulled over to capture the tail end of the sighting. I watch with my naked eyes as it moved away decreasing its "flame". We could see the red sphere that we had seen in the forest on two other occasions near our home. Then it just vanished from sight, like it cloaked itself from sight.

Before it vanished I could see a force field around the craft as it glowed slightly from the energy flame before disappearing. I am guessing that the craft with occupant had returned for an annual checkup on forest samples, etc. It was moving towards our forest near our home. We raced to the house and watched the forest for a while but didn’t see any activity. After all, what the heck can you do in the event that we did find it again? We just felt satisfied that we had been involved with an actual UFO encounter and it’s nice to know the truth! Hope to see him again soon.