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Occurred : 5/28/2007 21:00 (Entered as : 05/28/2007 21:00)
Reported: 9/26/2011 3:37:31 AM 03:37
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: New Delhi (India),
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:25 minutes
so i was up on the roof that night by chance and was looking at planes at the distance in the south west direction, and when i was turning my head to look towards my school which always got its lights on i noticed a light at a distance which never really glowed like a star or a planet it was something different in the west direction but i thought it would be a plane but the light stayed still, pretty amusing color for a star i thought and ignored it but after say 15 minutes the thing began to move thats when it generated some interest, again i discarded the thought and assumed it to be an aeroplane but now the thing happened...

it again stayed like it was a chopper kind of something wavering in the sky and beleive me it wasnt neither did it make any sound of a chopper nor was it following any usual chopper behaivour and more importantly its light were not blinking so the idea of it being an aircraft doesnt stand here.

it seemed prettly harmless until it started moving in our direction nothing to fear aircrafts generally do but now the single light resolved into two and then three lights and then to four, what was that shit? i dont know maybe some aircrafts flying in a formation? and after a few minutes it flew directly over the roof and te formation was that of a square seen diagonaaly with one of the ends pushed inside a little so it was a diamond dented at the bottom, b bottom here i mean the point opposite to its direction of travel, and hey there were no sides it was pitch black against the night sky and all i could see was 4 lights not blinking and strangely now they were of the same color "yellowish red" not nearly orange! but it passed really close to the roof! how do i know that? coz as it was flying it hid some stars! the diamond formed by the four lights made an object that itself was not visible but it did hide some stars behind it so it was a solid object with no gaps in between.

and how cloase it was.. i dont know coz i dont know its actual size but it did looked like it was atleast 150 to 200 m above the roof and it was SUPERSILENT!! and that sent chills down my spine i was frozen there on my roof as the object flew over us towards soth east and before reaching the horizon took a turn towards the east.

till now i didint tell anyone this coz i told a few of my freinds and they all made fun of im telling it anonymously now...

if you see the wikipedia page of UFO sighting similar UFO sighting was mentioned in banglore on the same date and time but how can it be? even if you flew at mach speeds it would take you 2 hours to reach anglore from delhi or vice versa...

and that guy from banglore defined it as a stealth bomber....

i totally agree with him it was just like a stealth bomber making a diamond shape with the bottom tucked a little upwards... but sooo silent and ghostly!! and into Indian territory its a story hard to believe but its the best possible explanation that i could possibly get.