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Occurred : 9/26/2011 02:41 (Entered as : 09/26/2011 02:41)
Reported: 9/26/2011 1:09:06 AM 01:09
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: Ludowici, GA
Shape: Light
Duration:17 minutes
I saw a group of star-like lights in the sky that blinked and moved and seemed to be directed by another larger brighter light.

I was on the phone with my husband who was at work when our 2 year old daughter wanted to see the moon. I walked out on the front steps of our mobile home while holding her. I then did a 360 degree turn to see if we could find the moon. We saw nothing, not even stars. As I faced my front door again (due SE) a blink in the sky caught my eye and I looked up.

At first there was only a white light that I assumed was a star. Then I saw several red lights flash in a circle around the white light in sequence. Within maybe 2-3 seconds between 7 and 11 more white lights reappeared and disappeared randomly on and off for at least 7 minutes. Whilst that was going on, I focused once more on the initial (and significantly brighter) white light. It started jerking in different directions ( not very far at all in any one direction) then randomly moving smoothly in another direction. Occasionally it would seem to "throw off sparks" in different directions or have a tail (like a comet but much shorter).

While all of this is going on my daughter says "Mommy, see stars?" and points at all of them. At this point the large grouping of lights fade out one by one in no specific order. She says "Stars go bye-bye?" I replied, "Yes baby." At this point I know damn good and well we are not witnessing any natural bodies, nor are we looking at known military aircraft as I held a top-secret security status in the USAF. I look at the main light and now it seems to be getting closer then farther away growing larger and brighter as it gets closer and dimmer and smaller as it gets farther away, sometimes blinking out completely. It is still moving in many different directions at this point.

I stayed on the phone with my husband the entire time we were outside, describing every detail to him wondering his opinion since he was in the US Army and just recently got out. I started to get nervous so I took my daughter inside and we decided to look out the back door and see if we could see the moon but the sky was empty again. I then tucked her in her bed. My husband and I were curious as to whether they would come back so I stepped back onto the front steps and looked in the same spot the main light had been and nothing was there.

Just as I went to turn my head away I saw what looked like many tiny strobe lights going off then the larger white light slowly reappeared and seemed to get closer as it did so. (At this point I got off the phone with my husband.) It then seemed as though the larger light was throwing off sparks again. The "strobes" slowed down and occasionally flashed in different spots and different distances from the main light. The main light disappeared and reappeared probably 5 or 6 times the got the largest and brightest it had been during this whole show. It was perfectly still for several seconds, then seemed to draw a complete perfect circle, then sat still again for a couple seconds. It then started to slowly fade away and the "strobes" started to flash again but seemed even smaller before and now there were several red ones mixed in. They faded from site at precisely the same exact second the large light disappeared.

I stood there for several moment waiting to see if they would come back but they didn't, so I came back in the house. After thinking about it for a few moments I decided I needed to report this sighting.