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Occurred : 8/8/2011 15:07 (Entered as : 08/08/11 15:07)
Reported: 9/13/2011 12:46:29 PM 12:46
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: Commerce Cityy, CO
Shape: Oval
Duration:7 minutes
Very hard to see object over east Denver visible on clear days when it's not cloudy, consistently.

This email is regarding a sighting of a UFO that has been taking place for about a month now. The object has been seen on “clear” days when not very cloudy and always between 5 and 5:15PM and just simply appears; nobody has seen it arrive in the general area. There have been about 10 of us in all that have seen the object and 3 of us consistently search the skies every evening. The object which I first noticed and described as like a little white dot of white-out; the old typewriter screwups repair stuff. We always see it generally in the same area of the sky and just stays there. When I first observed the object, I thought it was a white plastic bag that caught some air and was ascending. As I continued to look, I noticed it wasn't moving and immediately pointed it out to a co-employee. I had to point it out to him for nearly a minute before he could see it because it's so hard to see. This same scenario plays out every day when clear and twice it h! as moved across the sky from east to northwest. The first time it moved about 3 weeks ago, something similar in appearance to it showed up in the same spot from where it had left. The object moved again last Saturday and when we had to go back in from our work break, it was almost directly overhead. We are located in Commerce City, Co and are just south of one of the regular flight paths for DIA. As we look due east, the object always shows up between 2 and 3 o'clock, looks like it's close to the air space for Buckley Natl Guard base, and seems like it's between 30 and 60,000 feet.

We've seen the object since the middle of August and reported it to MUFON but they want written reports and sketches done independently and nobody I work with trusts the government, our employer (the Postal Service) with personal info so I can't get them to report it. I've sent several emails to 2 MUFON investigators and they want to close the case now and that's cool. I almost consider it a waste of time anyway since there was no real support. I've also attempted to contact some media, but no interest there either. None of us have powerful recording equipment and the object doesn't show up on film. Fox News Denver's breaking news reporter was out of the office the day I called and the 50,000 blowtorch or the Rockies, so they advertise, KOA radio blew me off saying they probably didn't have any better camera than we had. In other words, a big yawn and no follow up, no nothing.

I'm very disappointed on so many levels. I am a UFO researcher, reading and listening about the subject for 20 years and still to this day, not sure what to believe but nobody is taking me serious though I'm really nobody; just a Postal worker (peaceful I might add). There have been sightings around Denver for a long time including some video shot in northeast Commerce City very recently but judged as probably airplanes but I am so sure that what we have been seeing is an anomaly, that I'm dying to find out what it is. I can't believe that it is an airplane, air balloon, celestial body or satellite or space station but I totally can't explain it other than it's a small, white orb of some kind.

I wanted to keep this quiet at first and now, I don't care. I just want it on record and my hope is that somebody will take me serious and get some serious film on it. For some reason, I feel confidant that it will still be there for some time, I don't know why, maybe because I feel like it might be some kind of surveillance vehicle. There it is, that's my story and I'd be glad to talk to anybody.