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Occurred : 8/28/2011 00:35 (Entered as : 08/28/11 00:35)
Reported: 8/27/2011 5:23:54 PM 17:23
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: Amsterdam (Netherlands),
Shape: Disk
Duration:10 seconds
2 UFO's spotted over Amsterdam.

I have just purchased a new telescope and was watching the sky in my garden with my girlfriend. Something caught my eye and i told my girlfried to look into the air.

I cannot really describe the first object as it disappeared behind the roof of my house too quickly and my girlfriend did not see that object. Immediately afterwards a second object flew across the sky in exactly the same direction and also dissapeared behind the roof, as we were already watching the area we clearly saw the second object.

The object was perfectly round, had a dull grey metallic finish and made no sound whatsoever. The object seemed to be reflecting light as it had a slightly orange hue to the grey colour. There was no trail or any visible exhaust gasses left behind the objects and the direction of travel was from south to north which was against the wind direction which was blowing to the south west at the time.

The objects were moving very rapidly and I beleive that they were only about 2 hundred feet away.