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Occurred : 8/20/2011 21:00 (Entered as : 08/20/2011 21:00)
Reported: 8/22/2011 7:36:08 PM 19:36
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: Lindenhurst, NY
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:1 hour
red to orange flickering lights/flames attached to some type of object sailing fast in the sky over Lindenhurst,NY

About 6 or so fast moving objects. Kept thinking they were lanterns with reddish to then orange like flames like a hot air balloon because it either died out the further it went away or went behind some low lying clouds. They flickered as they went past, no sounds. Each one took about several minutes in between each pass. Thought it might have been some type of hoax and or advertisement for a beach nearby. Crazy things can be bought online nowadays. Saw something during the daytime a couple of months ago. It was black/oblong and found out it was a kids solar powered balloon that can be bought online. It’s a mystery until someone finally spills the beans on what these objects can be or the FAA finds out that these objects are getting in the way of airplanes. God help us if they do. Lets’ hope it doesn’t lead to that. It was definitely something cool to see. Of course, once the binoculars were located they stopped going past. Oh well.