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Occurred : 8/21/2011 04:00 (Entered as : 8/21/11 04:00)
Reported: 8/21/2011 9:52:41 AM 09:52
Posted: 8/21/2011
Location: Denver, CO
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:20 Minutes
Cylinder, Spherical, and disc shaped craft making rapid to slow impossible movements, and vanishing.

Orange/Yellow Radiating Vertical Cylinder Hovering approximately 1,500 feet above the ground in the Littleton area. Performed a series of diagonal moves at high velocity, while vanishing for a couple seconds after each.

After 3-4 of these a second Orange/Yellow Radiating Vertical Cylinder appeared hovering with it - and seemed to be attached to it. The same series of movements were performed, with the vanishings. However this time the direction was taken higher into the air and southwest towards the mountains. The two cylinders then vanished.

Two to three minutes later a craft appeared which was disc shaped with 8-10 more yellow than orange lights. This craft moved slowly towards Colorado Springs and what appeared to be following a high speed commercial plane from the lights on it (red, blue, white).

At this point I thought it would be a great idea to get this on camera and go in the street and try and film it. After going outside for a couple of min! utes - a spherical craft that was a dull orange and seemed to fade as the glow approached the edges of the sphere appeared at about 500 ft off the ground and only 1000 ft from myself.

This craft moved south towards Colorado Springs - during this sighting I felt paralyzed and connected with the sphere.

The 2nd part of the first sighting was confirmed with someone via telephone during the events.