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Occurred : 8/12/2011 21:00 (Entered as : 08/12/11 21:00)
Reported: 8/15/2011 1:24:30 PM 13:24
Posted: 8/21/2011
Location: Galveston, TX
Shape: Light
Duration:3 min.
Bright white light viewed from 1 mile for 3 min. with 20x100mm binoculars which passed overhead/no noise.

At 21:00 hrs Aug 12 on clear night I and a friend witnessed a bright white light appear to the West end in middle of Galveston by San Louis pass low down in sky at hands bredth above horizon and continue in a straight line from W. end of Island going length of Island. The object continued in a straight line West to East and passed under the full moon which was directly over Gulf of Mexico at that time. The light went above and in front of witnesses toward Gulf. The bright light was the size of a BB heald at arms length ad as luminous as the landing lights of a jet airliner. This light was observed by myself with a 20x100 mm astronomical binoculars during the event. At no time was a sound heard and the wind was from the South at 20 mph the light passed overhead to windward of witnesses. No other features were seen at any time comming ,overhead or behind except a bright white oval shaped light. After figuring angle of light when it passed by overhead from 1 mil! e width of Island at this point, which is 16 miles W of West end of The Galveston Seawall, the light was apoximatly 5000ft high and traveled 8 miles in 180 seconds or 3 min. Speed would of been approx. 220mph. In 20x100mm binoculars the light was as wide as an eraser on a #2 pencil at arms length. From a mile away I estimate light appeared at least 50 ft. in diameter if not more.