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Occurred : 8/14/2011 21:40 (Entered as : 08/14/2011 21:40)
Reported: 8/14/2011 8:51:29 PM 20:51
Posted: 8/21/2011
Location: Central Lake, MI
Shape: Light
Duration:20 minutes
Bright orb moving quickly and 2 lights descending over trees

One large light source rose straight up above tree line and fairly quickly moved north-east at a steady pace. Object had no noise and was quite bright, sort of a yellow/amber color. After the object moved across the skyline, we got elevated to see it better and it just slowly faded until it could no longer be seen. There were no clouds in the sky for it to have disappeared behind. About ten minutes later slightly north-west of where the first object started from, a second object appeared out of nowhere, it had two light sources that seemed fixed. It was not as bright as the first object with white lights and it slowly lowered until it disappeared behind the tree line. There were also 3 other air-craft, clearly planes of some sort, that flew in the same direction as the first object just moments after it vanished.

Observers- 3 adults, mid twenties... first sighting for 2 of the 3, second for the third.