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Occurred : 8/7/2011 21:00 (Entered as : 08/07/1121 21:00)
Reported: 8/13/2011 10:57:19 PM 22:57
Posted: 8/21/2011
Location: Big Sur, CA
Shape: Formation
Duration:3 hrs
2 glowing blue and red triangular forms change into human form at Big Sur. Also, red irridescent squid like being dances above sea.

Night fell upon us around 8 and started hiking back up trail around 9. My friend noticed what looked like two headlights but on the ocean. After looking at them for a while they started to transform taking on the shape of what I can only explain as large red squid like beings that floated on the ocean and changed shapes when it stopped floating above the water. It formed into a giant human like form still in the red dotted form as tall as the cliff and walked on the water for a couple seconds. It also seemed to have long tenticles of red dotted light that would take over the night sky by doing shows for us as we watched this mystical thing.

After watching the show in the ocean we realized it was getting even later.

Around 10 we relized we need to hike up that long upward trail, it was so eerie and dark. Midway up the trail I saw 2 triangular shapes on vivid blue with white circles as eyes the other glowing red with bright yellow accents on top on the top of the trail. I asked them to come towards us if they were good spirits. As they came towards us they changed from vibrating light fictures into human form. One changed into a tall man with pants and a dark face the other became a larger woman with a long blue dress on. And as they changed form they approached us at alarming speed I felt threatened so I said " STOP!"then started praying the our father n hail mary.

They stopped in their tracks and turned around and disappeared up the mountain just as fast as they came towards us. We saw the blue and the red triangular shapes as we drove back towards monterey on the hwy 1 coast as well as a large spot light come of the ocean followed by the red dotted squid like ocean creature they stayed with us until after we past the carmel highlands. But there are many things that reside there that are not from this world. I forgot to mention what seemed to be a giant angel that had red glowing wings and a glowing yellow core it also followed us as we drove back home.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))