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Occurred : 8/12/2011 17:03 (Entered as : O8/12/11 17:03)
Reported: 8/13/2011 2:15:50 AM 02:15
Posted: 8/21/2011
Location: Collins/Prentis, MS
Shape: Light
Duration:3 hours
White light follows family home after star gazing in Collins, Mississippi.

My children and I like to star gaze often. We star gaze mostly on Friday's because they are in elementary school. We were star gazing from 8:00 to 11:55 pm at my husband's employers parking lot.

At 9:03 pm eastern central time over Prentis and Collins, Mississippi USA we were looking at what appeared to be a star enter the atmosphere at high speed.

As it entered the atmosphere it left no signs that a flying plane would (the trail left behind by a jet) or flashing lights on it like a plane would at night and not like a meteor or meteoriod. I noticed it first and told my children to look. Then it changed directions and started flying in our direction slowly. It took about 20 minutes to reach us, stopped less than 20 feet away from the car and about 150 feet in the air. It just hovered there for about three minutes and we stood there in shock looking at it.

Then I told my children to get in the car right now and lock the doors. Thank God they both did as I said. I stayed outside the car to watch it because it was amazing looking. I had never seen anything like it and I wanted to see where it was going to go. After about three to four more minutes it continues to hover in the North North-East direction slowly. The UFO went right over me and my children that were still watching from inside the car. The UFO flew for about 4! 0 miles away headed East and than took off at high speed again. I couldn't keep up with where it was and lost it. I looked for it and didn't see it anywhere. Than got back in the car and locked us in.

At 12:16 am Eastern Central Time I was driving my husband to take a night deposit to the bank. I had this feeling like I was being watch again so I looked over in the direction the UFO went. The UFO was there but the shape was different. It was twice the size of a distant star and brighter than one (like the blinding light above a operating table). It was the same color as before ( I am not sure if it was the same UFO because the shape changed. I don't even know if UFO's can change there shape?). It scared me more when it followed us all the way to the bank than home at about 150 feet away and 300 feet in the air. At 12:49 am we got home. As we got out of the car I looked up to see were the UFO was and if it was still following us. It was still there traveling west in the direction we are (the UFO was following us North on the right hand side of the car on the way home). I grabbed my children out of the car, went inside, locked the doors and all the windows when we were all in (i don't know if that will help if something tries to get in but it eases my mind a little so does my 9mm. I keep it with me at all times, makes me feel safe). At 12:56 am (the last time I looked at it) I opened the door to see if the UFO was still there it was heading this way (west) slowly. The UFO was about 100 miles in the air and 15 miles from us.

Description -UFO 1st sighting Aug.12, 2011 The UFO appeared to be only made up of white light the kind thats almost to painful to look at but it wasnt painful to look at( just a comparison). It was a long fat cigar shape. As it got closer and hovered less than 20 feet away from us, it formed some rays ( like you would see if a child drew the sun) of light coming from what appeared to be the left and right sides that looked like wings for (lack of a better word) but they didn't move at all though. The color of the wings were blueish white. As it started to fly again the wings of light faded. Than it looked cigar shaped again and took off.

Description-UFO sighting 2ND & 3RD Aug. 13, 2011 When I seen the UFO while I was driving to the bank than home, it looked bigger than it did when it was closer to us. It appeared to be a round white light same as before but it was father away and moving fast than slowed down almost to a stop. I couldn't tell if it had wings like the last time because it was to far away. The color was a very bright white (lighting up part of the sky around it).

As the UFO was following us home it looked the same as the second time but was farther away than it was to us when we left the bank. It moved slower than the other times. It did at one point disaper when I seen the UFO again it was moving faster tordes us (so I went back inside and locked the door) and got bigger as it came closer to us (about the size of two school bus's I really hope you don't think this is some kind of a prank and not report it. It's bad enough my husband think that me and our kids are crazy and seeing **** (his exact words). We don't have any mental illness that runs on either side of our family's. The only reason I am reporting this sighting is one: because it scared the **** out of me and my children so bad that they wanted to sleep in my husband's and my room. (they never ask to sleep with us not even when they get sick!) Two: My children fell asleep 40 minutes ago (at 2:39am) and woke up twice already. Three: I am not going to be able to sleep at all now that I am worried about us. It's been almost over two hours ago since the last time I seen it (and I hope I never see it again). This is not a joke and I really hope you report it. I promised my children I would tell someone ( my kids wanted me to shot the thing. Maybe I should have but I don't know if I would have done any good anyway. It might have just pissed it o! ff and I can't fire a fire arm in city limits near a neighborhood). I never play around especially when it come to my children. Hope this is detailed enough I tried remember all I could.