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Occurred : 7/15/1978 17:00 (Entered as : 7-00-78 17:00)
Reported: 8/5/2011 6:35:33 PM 18:35
Posted: 8/7/2011
Location: Pointe Reyes, CA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:approx. 1/2hr+
5 Gold Sun like Round Objects appear, do manuvers, then one comes and hovers over the vessel i am in...

Summer of 1978. My captain and I were commercial fishing for salmon off California coast. The wind came up real bad and we ran the vessel to an anchorage of near Pointe Reyes. California. North of San Francisco. A small anchorage it was. As a deckhand, I began to do my work icing the fish. There was another vessel in the same area. It had not called to us, as we left our marine radio on. It was late afternoon. But still light. before dusk. It has been some time but I will try to tell as i remember. As I was looking out of the fish hold, I noticed a large bright Golden Light as it came over the Pointe of Land north of the anchorage. The Light was round. It stopped above the Land. Then 4 more arrived. One at a time, lining up and hovering. A straight line. They were not way up in the sky, but say, like a Seattle space needle distance, (maybe almost a couple). Somewhere during this I yelled to the Captain to come out of the vessel cabin. They , my captain, stood near, as by then I was out of the fish hold and on deck. The Round Sun-like Lights did what looked like manuvers. They lined up, and did different formations, changing from one to another. They all did this in close distence to one another. Such as a cross, a long line, maybe a sort of pyrimid. They did this for a while. It seemed to be all for us watching. This kind of dance in the low sky. As time went on, one Round Sun-like Light came to our vessel. It hovered above directly. As I looked up, all I could see was the same form we had seen from a distence. It did not hurt my eyes. I saw no craft. It hovered low, but the Glow from it did not surround the vessel. I looked for a long time up. Finally, I looked around, and noticed my Captain was gone! I ran yelling their name to the cabin of the vessel. I found them below deck. On their bunk, with a book in their hands, looking down. I said "What are you doing in here? They are still ou! tside! " My Captain notified me, they could not deal with ! it, and they were not going back out. I left them, and returned to the deck. The Light Ship as I will call it. Was still there. I stood there more time, with it overhead.

Finally it lifted up in the sky, and returned to the other 4 that had been hovering in a straight line. Once again, different directional manuvers were done, then all took off together. Very fast in a northerly direction.

When they left, a voice came over the radio, we had left on the whole time. We had not called anyone during this. the voice was a young crewman from the only other vessel nearby. He said. "Did you see That!?"

I responded to his call, but then my Captain came up, from the bunks below deck. I do not remember right now the further talk, but it was brief.

I still had work to do to ice the fish. It was now getting dusk, though not dark. There were no clouds during this time. My Captain did not want to speak of this much. The Coast Guard was called, and was asked of anything going on that day/afternoon. No. No flares. Nothing reported by them. We did not report to them our sighting. The strange Lights left, and next day so did we. Once in port. We drove out and questioned the locals in the area. Not much to say, but they had seen strange lights off and on they said. I do not remember the other vessels name. I do not feel I should say mine, at this time, nor my Captains name. I can say this, one year later in Oregon, south of Bandon, I saw what I think were the same 5 Light Ships. They appeared just before dusk just off the beach, as I was looking from the land out to sea. I was praying for guidence, as i had some decisions to make. The 5 Round Sun-like objects, lined up in front of me over the ocean. Then just flew off very fast. It seemed to just let me know they were there. I ended up living for a time in that area. there is more, more sightings. i have entered a few others. ! The other sightings were different craft. Not just a Light.! I ente red of the sighting of the Phoenix Triangle craft.

I will end this now. if I can remember more, I will add it. It has been some time. I do not tell people. very few know of this.

thank, for letting me share this. maybe, that young man from the other vessel will, or has told his side of what happened. He did say, that he had not wakened his Captain, who had a bad heart, and was sleeping. So he had been a crew like me.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date is approximate. PD))