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Occurred : 8/4/2011 20:45 (Entered as : 08/04/2011 20:45)
Reported: 8/5/2011 2:33:53 AM 02:33
Posted: 8/7/2011
Location: Kingman, AZ
Shape: Oval
Duration:15-30 mins the first time
Possible UFO over kingman az

On the night of august 4 2011 I saw flying lights at around 845 pm in Kingman Arizona. I was driving down the road and I was facing east. I saw 4 strange lights in a weird pattern I decided that something was not right so I knew the road I was on went out into the desert so I went about 5 miles out of town and now there was 8 lights in the sky in different patterns from horizontal lines to rectangles to circles. As soon as I got to the desert there was another car already out there and one soon showed up and then a few minutes later there was 4-5 cars including mine. Having a truck and it being the desert I went out as far as I could and I go to I would say about 2 miles away. I was standing lights of and I knew they were not airplanes because they were just sitting there but being so close I also didn’t hear any helicopter noises I took a bunch of pictures and the last one was when they were in a rectangle and then they started to circle the city it seemed! and then they all started going towards the ground and where most of them flew I knew there was departments so I decided to head out that way and I think I saw one on the ground but as soon as I parked my car a cop seemed to appear out of nowhere and he asked me if I had a problem I responded if I was trespassing and he said I wasn’t and so I started to tell him about the lights and showed him the pictures. He then proceeded to tell me that there are new aircraft that hover and don’t make noise but I haven’t heard of anything like that. I said I should go and he goes good Idea and as I was turning my car around he turned left to go where the lights had seemed to land. The whole cop thing seemed rather suspicious and it just didn’t feel right I was out in the middle of nowhere and I didn’t even see him coming but take that for what it is worth. I then went home and looked up the number to call and report I tried calling a couple of times and it was busy and then I started t! o see the lights again this time they were heading south and t! hey were in a horizontal formation I went had gotten gas and that’s when I tried take more pictures and only one came out and it seems really weird. When I was looking at the lights I was able to get through and the person told me to try and get as many people to look and report. I got in my car and started to head south but they just seemed to disappear rather quickly I saw them and then I didn’t see them I tried waiting around but then I had to be somewhere at midnight that is why I am writing the report so late. I will include pics in the email and try and describe them. The lights every time I saw them where just white and they did blink but only sometimes and I didn’t see any other color.