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Occurred : 8/1/2011 22:15 (Entered as : 08/01/11 22:15)
Reported: 8/2/2011 8:06:31 PM 20:06
Posted: 8/7/2011
Location: Newport News, VA
Shape: Light
Duration:20 Seconds
Bright light high in sky that went out to a very dim red light traveling north to southwest just west of the dipper.

I took my dog out to the back yard to do his business prior to putting him up for the night. I was admiring the stars when one star got my attention. It seemed to be moving. It was very high up – higher than any airplane that flies over my house. It was not in the normal flight path of the aircraft that fly over my house. I was watching this “star” and then all of a sudden the light went out. I could still see a non-blinking faint red light as the object transited the sky. I was able to follow it until it disappeared behind a bank of clouds. It was very hard to see but the red light was visible.

The location in the sky: it was in the north just west of the dipper that is directly over my house this time of year. It moved from north to southwest. From my unaided sight perspective it was about 12 inches west of the handle of the dipper. I could hear no sort of engine noise because it was so high up.